Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.
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The Benefits of Server Penetration Testing You Cannot Ignore

Information Technology has brought immense benefits to mankind. Apart from connecting the world and enabling quick communication and sharing of information, it has given convenience a whole new meaning. Just a click of a mouse or the press of a button on your computer or smartphone is enough for users to avail of their choicest products/services/information. In fact, it is no longer about individual customers alone but of businesses as well, for the latter use technology to improve the quality of their products, scale up operations, enhance productivity, efficiency and improve their feedback mechanism. So, be it the B2B or B2C segments, IT has brought about a greater synergy among the various stakeholders and components of business.

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The growing menace of cyber crime

If the benefits are all encompassing, there is another side to technology that is a cause for concern. This is related to the increased spread of cyber crime through instruments such as hacking, social engineering, and other fraudulent activities. The growing menace of viruses, trojans, and malware has caused immense harm to individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses. Not a day passes when someone or the other is not defrauded of money and information. The only way to limit or eliminate such threats is by shoring up your IT infrastructure with an adequate defence mechanism involving firewalls etc.

Remember, the cyber criminals are able to breach a system to steal information or money due to its inherent vulnerabilities. The first and foremost task for the Information security personnel is to identify such vulnerabilities and thereafter, plug them. Server penetration testing can help in locating the vulnerabilities of an IT system, and so, should be pursued with vigour should a business wants to assure its customers and stay competitive.

Category of vulnerability in an IT infrastructure

  • The existence of a flaw or glitch(es) in the software design can be exploited by a hacker by using malware, viruses or trojans. If not plugged in time, the same can lead to breaches and the siphoning of data, information and money.

  • The existence of a gap in the security paraphernalia leading to the weakening of the system controls.

Although vulnerability assessment is about identifying the security or system flaws in the IT infrastructure comprising of the host server and applications, it is the server penetration testing that aims at exploiting the vulnerabilities. It finds out if the IT infrastructure can be breached by any malicious activity. The pen test usually targets the server, network and applications. In case of a network, the attack is carried out from both outside and inside.

Benefits of penetration testing

Safeguarding information: The loss of sensitive information can bring your business to ruin in no time. The pen testing finds out the vulnerabilities that exist in the system and plugging them thereafter.

Safeguarding finances: The information loss can lead to financial loss as clients and customers may lose trust and stop doing business with you. This can be prevented through pen testing.

Safeguards brand: The inability to comply with regulatory protocols and loss of customer trust can generate a bad PR for the company and brand. By using pen testing, such vulnerabilities can be identified and plugged resulting in making the system, safe and secure.


Securing your systems, networks, applications, and databases from malicious attacks have become a challenge, which you can only ignore at your peril. By applying server penetration testing, you can identify the vulnerabilities and prevent their exploitation by cyber criminals or unauthorized actors.

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  1. There really are a ton of benefits to gain from having your company’s servers penetration tested. After all, no company wants to fall victim to a cyber-attack or anything like that. A good penetration test will help you with figuring out the best way to safeguard your sensitive data and finances.

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