Get One-Stop Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions For All Your IT Needs

Run your business smoothly and flawlessly with Remote Infrastructure Management solutions (RIM Services). HEX64 24×7 RIM Services help you track, monitor, and troubleshoot any IT infrastructure issues remotely – from end-user devices to Datacenter management and more.

  • Lower Your IT Costs With RIM Services

    Managing a remote team is less expensive than keeping in-house talents, especially if you are able to monitor their productivity and performance efficiently. Outsourcing RIM Services enables you to focus on their core business while we take care of their day-to-day IT tasks.

  • Dedicated IT Team For RIM Services

    Our dedicated team of IT experts is knowledgeable and skilled in RIM services, giving your peace of mind that someone is monitoring your staff, systems, and IT networks. Our experts help you to keep your IT environment neatly built-up and stable.

  • Customized Remote Infrastructure Management Services

    Our Remote Infrastructure Management services offer flexibility to modify them as per the changing business needs and ensure that the services exactly map with the client business requirements. With RIM services, you can identify IT problems even before they arise.

  • 24×7 Outsourced RIM Services

    Outsourcing Remote Infrastructure Management services means you can take advantage of their skill sets & expertise only when you need them, enabling you to scale up/down your business. Regardless of your business type, size or location, HEX64 can provide a comprehensive & flexible IT solution.


Most businesses have their hands full with daily operations; no one is available to monitor the system changes that can potentially cause IT infrastructure issues. Monitoring and managing your network with our powerful RIM services saves you from cost-driving problems. We look out for update, install, configure, and even solve rising issues in real-time.

Why Remote Infrastructure Management

  • Reduces time & money spent on Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Only, 50% of organizations outsource their IT ops to MSP
  • 46% of companies using MSPs lower annual IT costs by > 25%
  • Efficiency and reliability impels 56% of large companies to work with an MSP


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    24×7 RIM Support

    Our 24/7 Remote Infrastructure Management support team is dedicated to addressing concerns, troubleshoot problems, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring business continuity.

  • Instant-Remediation-1

    Instant Remediation

    No need to wait for on-premise assessment, support, and troubleshooting. With HEX64’s 24/7 RIM Services, you can enjoy and experience immediate remediation.

  • One-Stop-Solution-1

    One-Stop Solution

    HEX64 supports software, as well as on-premise deployments, ensuring applications are always optimized for the best possible user experience.

  • Automated-Process-1

    Automated Process

    Say goodbye to traditional IT monitoring and management. With an automated process, assessments, updating and maintenance are done in a timely manner.

  • Lower-TCO-1

    Lower TCO

    No need to deploy an in-house IT team. By working with HEX64’s RIM Support experts, you can save on operational costs, salary, and office equipment.

  • Simplified-Escalation-1

    Simplified Escalation

    Time is key in any business. With our simplified RIM services, fixing IT issues does not have to cost you time, money, and resources.



Our 24/7 Remote Infrastructure Management services will reduce your stress of managing the in-house IT workforce and allow you to focus on your core business areas. Our 24×7 RIM Services help you to keep your infrastructure highly available, reliable, and proactively improved.

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Our comprehensive RIM services offer customized RIM Solutions combined with leading technological expertise & deep industry knowledge. No matter the business, HEX64 RIM Services help you to dramatically reduce IT expenditure and get faster & flexible service.

Karen White

Being able to contact HEX64 for support or advice 24×7 has been invaluable. I respect and trust their opinions and suggestions.

Karen White

The services are reliable, high quality and very useful. Its great experience to work with HEX64

Why choose us


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    Quick response

    Stop wasting time, money, and opportunities brought by unnecessary IT troubles! HEX64 provides fast, speedy, and efficient IT support and solutions at all times.
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    We boast years of solid experience and a proven track record in delivering top-notch IT support and solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the globe.
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    No geek speak

    You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to understand us. We will communicate with you in the simplest way possible to ensure that we are on the same page.
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    Business savvy

    Your business goals are important to us. Let our tech experts take care of your IT needs, so you can focus on running profit-driven operations for your business.
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    One Stop Shop

    Whether you need help with IT support, network management, cyber security, or cloud computing, we provide a wide range of solutions tailored to your business needs.
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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You can rely on us for safe, reliable, and cost-effective IT support and solutions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, that’s why we work to exceed your expectations.

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Why Choose Our IT Services?


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    Grow your business
    Focus on scaling and expanding your business, while we take care of your IT needs and network requirements.
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    Streamline processes
    Increase productivity and performance of your organization when you have a dedicated IT support team by your side.
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    Empower your people
    Allow your employees to do more and focus on their jobs, without being held back by tech issues and concerns.