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Google Chrome Users Warned By Indian Government About ‘High Severity’ Vulnerabilities

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology being vulnerable to cyber attacks due to various vulnerabilities present in the chrome browser. Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in the Google Chrome browser and could be exploited by cybercriminals to execute arbitrary code on the target PC.


Google Chrome is the most used browser in the country, both on mobile phones and computers. According to the CERT-In, Attackers might exploit the browser to execute arbitrary code on users’ systems. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has found a number of defects in the browser that might permit an attacker to filch users’ personal information or install malware on a device.

Fixing of Chrome vulnerabilities with an update:

Google has released updates to fix these issues and patches and fixes bugs. The details of the bug fixes have been kept under wraps until a majority of the active Google Chrome users update their software to avail themselves of the upgraded security.


Google Chrome users are advised to update their software on an urgent basis to secure their devices. The updated versions – Chrome 98.0.4758.80/81/82 for Windows and 98.0.4758.80 for macOS and Linux; these new versions get the latest fixes.


The details of the vulnerabilities fixed are as follows:


CVE ID Vulnerability Severity
CVE-2022-0452 Use after free in Safe Browsing High
CVE-2022-0453 Use after free in Reader Mode High
CVE-2022-0454 Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE High
CVE-2022-0455 Inappropriate implementation in Full Screen Mode High
CVE-2022-0456 Use after free in Web Search High
CVE-2022-0457 Type Confusion in V8 High
CVE-2022-0458 Use after free in Thumbnail Tab Strip High
CVE-2022-0459 Use after free in Screen Capture High
CVE-2022-0460 Use after free in Window Dialog Medium
CVE-2022-0461 Policy bypass in COOP Medium
CVE-2022-0462 Inappropriate implementation in Scroll Medium
CVE-2022-0463 Use after free in Accessibility Medium
CVE-2022-0464 Use after free in Accessibility Medium
CVE-2022-0465 Use after free in Extensions Medium
CVE-2022-0466 Inappropriate implementation in Extensions Platform Medium
CVE-2022-0467 Inappropriate implementation in Pointer Lock Medium
CVE-2022-0468 Use after free in Payments Medium
CVE-2022-0469 Use after free in Cast Medium
CVE-2022-0470 Out of bounds memory access in V8 Low

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