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Setup A Robust Cloud Infrastructure and Enjoy Many Benefits

The rapid pace of digital transformation has changed the way we look at software and the ways and means to store them. For it is no longer about running the software stored in your hard disk or server kept in the building alone but remotely accessing them from distant servers as well. Simply put, this is what cloud computing is all about – using the internet to run a software. For example, the various apps that are part of our smartphone and for which we need the internet, are a part of cloud computing.

So, be it the Facebook status that we update, the Twitter comment that we post or the emails that we send, we use cloud computing even without being aware of it. This new normal has totally transformed the way we run our businesses. So, what makes cloud computing so exciting for individuals and businesses, let us find out.

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Convenience: Working is no longer the same. The cloud has brought in the concept of working from home and why not? If you can access the applications stored in the cloud, work on them and save them back – all from the comfort of your home then the benefits will be seen in terms of increased productivity and efficiency. With a robust cloud infrastructure in place, you need not visit office all the time but stay put in your home and do the job at your pace.

Cost savings: This can be achieved in two ways. In the first instance a business, instead of buying costly software and systems, can hire a cloud service provider at reasonable rates to use the very software. Secondly, as a business, should your bandwidth demands fluctuate, then using cloud based services can save cost. For instance, you can scale up or down your cloud capacity based on the demand. This sort of flexibility can bring down the cost significantly.

Disaster recovery mechanism: It is better to be safe now than be sorry later, goes the saying. Any business should invest in a robust disaster recovery mechanism, which in the event of a system crash or downtime, can help the business to function as usual. Cloud computing provides this benefit wherein businesses especially the smaller ones with cost constraints can leverage cloud services to their advantage.

Software updates: If you happen to buy a software, it becomes your responsibility to keep it updated or add security plugins from time to time. In the absence of doing so, the software can become non functional or lead to security threats in no time. However, such a requirement can be done away with should you use a software from the cloud. In doing so, the onus of updating the software and adding security plugins rests with the service provider. Thus, instead of focusing your energies on dealing with such issues, you can look at other things that are crucial to your business.

Security: Losing a laptop with sensitive information inside can be a nightmare. If fallen into wrong hands, the fraudster can cause havoc to your business. However, since the sensitive information is stored in the cloud, you can get access to the same and remove the data from the stolen laptop, remotely.


The myriad benefits of cloud notwithstanding, setting it up and migrating to it can be a challenge for businesses. If you want to leverage cloud based services like SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS and migrate your legacy systems to the cloud infrastructure then HEX64 can be your port of call.

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