Expert IT services for the healthcare Industry

In the medical industry, there’s no room for any kind of error especially during times like this. At the hands of healthcare workers lies the lives and safety of hundreds of patients, so certainty and precision matters. When it comes to hospital asset management and medical tracking, regulation is a must.

This is where IT solutions and services come in—With the amount of patients, equipment and staff that every hospital has, it’s difficult to manage and keep track of them. IT services like HEX64 provide healthcare companies and business reliable managed IT solutions at an affordable price. Their services include networking, security, compliance, disaster recovery planning, cloud computing and more.


The industry sectors we served include

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    Experience high-end IT solutions for the security and operations of the Pharmaceutical industry.

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    Utilize up-to-date and high-end technology and IT solutions designed specifically to assist in the development of the Biotechnology industry.

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    Experience cutting-edge technology and equipment exclusively for the operation of your healthcare business or hospital.

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    Have a well-managed and regulated system in your hospital or healthcare business with our IT solutions services.

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    Always find the right facility with the help of our IT solutions services through our newest technology.

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    Managed Health Care

    Have a well-regulated and reliable system that’s designed to boost productivity and operations when it comes to healthcare management.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Business Agility

    Increase performance productivity and operations with our cloud system and networking services.

  • Security and Compliance

    Ensure the safety of your system’s data with our regular and automated backups in every kind of emergency.

  • Office Mobility

    Be more productive with our 24/7 system monitoring to ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime for your healthcare practice.

  • Application Development

    Fulfill your business or hospital’s needs with our custom solutions that ensures every client’s needs are fulfilled.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Data Transformation

    Efficiently convert, validate and cleanse databases and be more organized and secure with your data.

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    Digital Enablement

    Easily go digital and improve not only your hospital’s productivity rate but also patient and visitor’s experience.

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    Innovation Partnership

    Improve your hospital or healthcare business with the help of our professional experts and partners.


We work with healthcare companies worldwide

The healthcare industry involves a complicated system which isn’t commonly known to many people. At HEX64, our experts contain deep knowledge at not only the healthcare industry but also how to use digital technology to benefit medical care operations.


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Why Choose Our IT Services?


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    Grow your business
    Focus on scaling and expanding your business, while we take care of your IT needs and network requirements.
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    Streamline processes
    Increase productivity and performance of your organization when you have a dedicated IT support team by your side.
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    Empower your people
    Allow your employees to do more and focus on their jobs, without being held back by tech issues and concerns.