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Business Continuity
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How To Plan An Effective Business Continuity

The market has accredited that some services of the company have to be delivered unceasingly without obstacle. Hence, instead of focusing just resuming the vocation in the pinpoint possible duration, the Endeav...

Robust IT Infrastructure-Services
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How to Remove Backup sets in Veritas Backup Exec

From Veritas Backup Exec 2014 onwards, it has no option to delete the backup sets however we can set the expiry date to clean up backup sets. In this blog we are showing how to remove backup set in Veritas Bac...

Business Connectivity
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5 Tips to Develop a Simple Business Connectivity Solution

The world of business is inter-connected and its dependence on the quality of networking is enhancing in stature. As such the significance of the connectivity service providers is growing as well. The service p...

IT Service Provider
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The Benefits of a Single Connectivity Service Provider

There has been a classic debate in the world of IT and ITES for the past 5 to 6 years whether it is better to hire a single connectivity service provider or having multiple vendors offering you apps and tools t...