Network Penetration Testing

HEX64 believes that networking security is of primary importance as a huge amount of confidential data is stored, retrieved and sent in the entire lifecycle of a business process. In the world of networking security, the significance of network penetration testing services is very high. The security specialists working with us deal with even the smallest details of advanced networking technologies and its complete infrastructure. By virtue of being a penetration testing service provider, we offer the highest precision network penetration testing facilities in India.

Over the years, HEX64 has outgrown its reach from the boundaries of India and has stepped into the international forum. Whether it is the USA, Western Europe, Australia and Middle-East, we support the enterprises of our global clientèle in the most dedicated manner by offering a quality vulnerability testing service. To give a better view of our ways of working, we help you to predict and understand a hacker’s mind. So, by breaking into your security systems through our incisive network penetration testing services lead us to alert you about your security preparedness. It is crucial to detect the gaps in the security system, which otherwise could act as the channels for a hacker to enter through the gaps of its defence wall.

At HEX64, both manual and automatic detection processes for server penetration testing are implemented. For example, a niche testing software like Firewall Penetration Testing will ensure the security of sensitive data and accurate compliance requirements.

Network Penetration Testing Services

Enhanced network security services include:

Network Penetration Testing Services
  • Preparation of data risk assessment report
    Define the strategy and implement the policies for data exit points
  • Miscellaneous services like protection of enterprise content and endpoint data along with messaging security
  • Detecting the distributed and compromised data throughout the cloud, network, storage systems and applications
  • Contribute to the preparation of road maps for enterprises to offer maximum protection cover for data breaches. We perform this function with the help of different engagement models and offer optimal solutions
  • Data Security Incident Management Services and Managed DLP

At HEX64, we aim at thwarting threats and risks by utilizing the penetration testing service. Different techniques and penetration testing tools are employed for achieving this goal.

The Noida based HEX64 is a one-stop data and networking security solution provider in India whose global clientèle base spreads through out the developed nations. You can rely on our network protection testing services as far as internal and external network is concerned. Apart from this, we configure the Firewall and review the Rule Set. HEX64 is reputed for maximizing client satisfaction and our repeat clients back up our claims.


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