Get Next Generation NOC Services For Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure issues prevent you from focusing on your core business areas and lead to project delays, endless stress, and severevulnerabilities that threaten your business. HEX64 24×7 NOC Services provide end-to-end network monitoring and management services to detect, diagnose and remediate your network issues to avoid severe outages. Next-generation NOC services for your infrastructure typically incorporate advanced technologies and methodologies to provide enhanced monitoring, management, and support. Here are some key features and components that are often associated with next-generation network operations center services:

1. Automation and Orchestration: Next-generation HEX64 24X7 NOC services leverage automation and orchestration tools to streamline processes and reduce manual effort. This includes automating routine tasks, configuration management, provisioning, and remediation. Automation helps improve efficiency, accuracy, and response times.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML technologies are utilized to analyze vast amounts of network data and generate actionable insights. These technologies enable predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and trend analysis, allowing the HEX64 NOC solutions to identify potential issues before they impact the infrastructure. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can also enhance support and troubleshooting capabilities.

3. Cloud Monitoring and Management: With the increasing adoption of cloud services, next-generation NOC services provide comprehensive monitoring and management of cloud-based infrastructure. This includes monitoring cloud instances, storage, databases, and network connectivity. Integration with cloud service providers’ APIs enables real-time visibility and control.

4. Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Next-generation network operations center services often support SDN environments, where network configurations and policies are managed centrally through software. The NOC can monitor SDN controllers, switches, and virtual network functions to ensure optimal performance, security, and agility.

5. Security Operations Center (SOC) Integration: As security threats continue to evolve, next-generation network operations center services often integrate with a Security Operations Center (SOC). This collaboration allows for real-time security monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence sharing, enabling a proactive and comprehensive approach to infrastructure security.

6. Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Our next-generation 24/7 NOC support provide sophisticated analytics capabilities for in-depth performance analysis and reporting. They offer customizable dashboards, trend analysis, capacity planning, and service-level reporting. These insights help optimize infrastructure performance, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions.

7. Integration with HEX64 IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools: Seamless integration with ITSM tools, such as incident management systems and ticketing systems, is essential. This integration enables streamlined incident response, tracking, and escalation, ensuring efficient collaboration between the network operations center and other IT teams.

8. Mobile and Remote Monitoring: Next-generation 24*7 NOC Solution often provide mobile applications or web-based portals that enable remote monitoring and management. This allows IT personnel to access real-time network status, receive alerts, and perform basic troubleshooting from anywhere, ensuring faster response times and flexibility.

9. Continuous Improvement and DevOps Practices: Next-generation managed NOC services embrace a continuous improvement mindset and adopt DevOps practices. This involves regular process reviews, feedback loops, and iterative enhancements to optimize operations, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.

  • Cost-Effective NOC Services

    An in-company IT team requires employment overhead, tools cost, and other operational expenses. HEX64 24/7 NOC Services eliminates all that and offers per-device and an adaptive activity-based pricing model to meet your specific NOC service and budget requirements.

  • Skilled Professionals for Network Operations Center Services

    Our top-notch team of NOC Engineers proactively monitor & manage the network round the clock and ensure your network performance is not compromised. So that you can grow your business without increasing your workforce.

  • Tailored Network Operations Center Services For Your Needs

    Every customer has unique Network Operations Center services requirements and challenges. Our Managed NOC Services are customized as per your needs to enable 24/7 NOC monitoring, incident handling, and remediation.

  • 24×7 NOC Services

    Maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness across your IT infrastructure through 24×7 Outsourced NOC Services. Our NOC technical support engineer works round the clock to supervise troubleshoot and monitor your critical network devices to ensure high uptime of your resources.

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Organizations face the challenges of lack of efficient resources, quality tools, proper workflow management and remedial process to run their NOCs. We help to control your infrastructure support through a suite of NOC solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your technical environment and operational workflow. Our NOC service provides comprehensive monitoring & remedial services for your endpoint devices and give you increased efficiencies of services without having to hire additional staff.

Leveraging outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) services can be a strategic decision for organizations seeking to optimize their network infrastructure management. Outsourcing the NOC function offers several advantages, including cost savings, access to expertise, 24/7 support, advanced tools and technologies, scalability, and flexibility.

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing NOC services is cost savings. Maintaining an in-house NOC team can be expensive, requiring investments in hiring, training, and retaining skilled IT personnel. By outsourcing, organizations can eliminate these costs and benefit from economies of scale as the service provider manages multiple clients’ infrastructure. This cost-effective approach allows organizations to allocate their resources to other critical areas of their business.

Outsourced NOC service providers specialize in network monitoring and management, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. HEX64 employ experienced professionals with specialized knowledge and certifications in the field. Partnering with such providers grants organizations access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals we can efficiently handle their network infrastructure, ensuring high-quality service delivery and effective problem resolution.
HEX64 monitors the network round the clock, including weekends and holidays. Our team continuous monitoring ensures early detection and prompt resolution of network issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing business continuity.
Outsourced NOC providers typically invest in advanced tools and technologies for network monitoring, alerting, and reporting. Hex64 stay up to date with the latest industry trends, enabling organizations to benefit from cutting-edge software and hardware without the need for additional investment. These advanced tools and technologies enhance network visibility, performance analysis, and proactive management.

Scalability and flexibility are crucial considerations when outsourcing NOC services. HEX64 can scale their resources up or down based on the organization’s evolving needs. Whether there is growth in the network infrastructure, seasonal spikes in network activity, or infrastructure changes, we can adjust their resources accordingly. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt quickly to changing business requirements without the need for significant infrastructure modifications or hiring additional staff.

However, when opting for outsourced NOC services, organizations should carefully consider certain factors. It is essential to establish clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the provider, defining expected service levels, response times, and issue resolution times. This ensures accountability and aligns the services with specific requirements.

Security and compliance are also critical considerations. Organizations should assess the provider’s security measures, data protection policies, and compliance with industry regulations. Data access and control should be clearly defined, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of sensitive information.

Effective communication and collaboration between the organization and the outsourced NOC service provider (HEX64) are essential for a successful partnership. Establishing clear lines of communication, escalation procedures, and reporting mechanisms facilitates smooth coordination and timely updates on network status and incidents.

NOC Solution Built For MSPs By MSP

  • Enables centralized management of multiple client networks.
  • Allows customization of the solution with the MSP’s branding for a consistent client experience.
  • Real-time monitoring of network devices, servers, applications, with customizable alerting mechanisms.
  • Robust ticketing system for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving incidents efficiently.


  • Network

    Network Administration

    We provide full-service network administration solutions, including network monitoring & management, infrastructure troubleshooting, and supporting IT teams.

  • Remote-Management

    Remote Management

    No need to wait for on-premise assessment, support, and troubleshooting. With HEX64’s remote management service, you can enjoy and experience immediate support.

  • Stable_Performance

    Stable Performance

    By hiring HEX64’s Network Operations Center experts, you can achieve increased productivity, stable performance, and stability of your IT infrastructure environment.

  • Periodic-Upgrade

    Periodic Upgrade

    HEX64’s NOC Services provides timely updates and maintenance to ensure all of your devices are running smoothly, always up to date, and have the latest security patches.

  • Security


    In our Network Operations Center, we use advanced security tools and technology, we can help you boost your infrastructure security, scalability, and manageability.

  • Auditing


    Through our IT audit service, we will safeguard your assets and maintain your data integrity, while guaranteeing that your business is running securely and efficiently.



Outsourcing the NOC function also eliminates the burden of recruiting, training, and retaining skilled IT personnel. Finding and retaining qualified NOC staff can be challenging and expensive. However, by partnering with an HEX64, organizations gain access to a team of experienced professionals we specialize in network monitoring and management. These experts bring extensive knowledge and expertise to the table, enabling efficient problem resolution and optimal performance of the network infrastructure.

Cost savings are another significant advantage of outsourced NOC services. Running an in-house NOC requires significant investments in staffing, infrastructure, and tools. By outsourcing, organizations can convert fixed costs into predictable operational expenses, only paying for the services they need. This allows organizations to allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on core business activities rather than investing in NOC infrastructure.

Additionally, outsourced network opration center service provider (HEX64) often leverage advanced tools, technologies, and best practices to deliver superior monitoring and management capabilities. They continuously update their systems to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring optimal network performance, proactive issue identification, and fast incident resolution. HEX64 also bring a wealth of experience from working with diverse clients and environments, enabling them to offer valuable insights and best practices for optimizing network operations.

By eliminating the challenges associated with managing an in-house NOC through 24×7 outsourced managed NOC services, organizations can enjoy the benefits of round-the-clock NOC monitoring, access to specialized expertise, cost savings, and access to advanced tools and technologies. This allows them to focus on their core competencies, improve overall operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional network performance and reliability to their clients.

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HEX64 is a trusted and valuable partner for NOC services. With their expertise in network monitoring and management, HEX64 offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations. Their 24×7 support ensures uninterrupted monitoring and prompt incident resolution, minimizing downtime and optimizing network performance. HEX64’s advanced technology stack, including artificial intelligence and automation, enhances network visibility and proactive management. With a focus on security, compliance, and customizable reporting, HEX64 empowers organizations with the tools and capabilities needed to deliver exceptional network services to their clients. HEX64 is the reliable NOC services partner organizations can count on for their network infrastructure needs.

AwareBase creates information environment improvement plans and brings hardware, software, data and business process together so that businesses that design.
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IT Services & Solutions | We offer onsite IT & Computer AMC Services support.


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