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Pricing and Terms

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Pay As The Work Gets Done

We charge as low as USD 25 per hour with no minimum committed work hours. You pay as the work gets done.

Why Hire Us?

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Hiring a permanent member of the staff can be costly. However, by bringing a freelancer on board, you need to pay only when there is work to complete. Similarly hiring the engineers at HEX64 reduces overhead costs while increasing the efficiency. Though we charge an affordable rate as low as USD 25 per hour, you can be assured of quality work being delivered to you timely. When working with us, you have to pay us as and according to the work being delivered.

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Reduced Paperwork

Hiring HEX64 not only gets the task done within the designated time frame provided, but you don’t have to engage in a plethora of paperwork either. We limit the amount of contract documentation required to start working with us.

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Being a reputed agency, HEX64 is a reliable and trustworthy name in the industry. Motivated to perform well, you can completely depend on the experts at HEX64 to get the work done within the designated deadline. No delays! We ensure to meet all of your requirements responsibly and diligently.

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Maximum Flexibility

Working with a freelancer has its own perks, the greatest being flexibility in the work hours. Like freelancers, we maintain flexibility of time as well, which ultimately benefits you. You provide the work and we complete it without you having to worry about it! Be it writing a blog, updating the business website or handling the social media profiles, you can expect the work to be finished even after the official work hours.

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Experts for Specific Work

HEX64 has a multifaceted team of professionals who show expertise in various aspects of the industry. To complete a one-time job that requires a specific skill-set, you can seek the expertise of the professionals without employing them full-time. Not only do they lend their expertise to the job but they won’t stay around after the assignment is finished.

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Employing new members of the staff can be a hassle especially that they need to be given the right training before they can contribute to the business completely. On the other hand, experts at HEX64 work independently. Though you still need to provide them with the parameters and clearly communicate your expectations, training would not be required.

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Long-term relationship

You can always depend on the professionals at HEX64 for upgrades and future developments. The sole mission of HEX64 is to help the clients grow their business by providing complete IT solutions. Hence, we seek to build a long-term relationship with our clients. Offering quality work to the clients at an affordable price is the simple motto that the experts follow. Our work becomes the founding stone for a long-term commitment to work.

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HEX64 commits to the deadline provided and further ensures to submit the work within the designated timeline.

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Suit Your Need

Rather than hiring a full-time employee, you can work with an external resource person conveniently only when you need. Hiring HEX64 allows you to streamline your business, particularly if your resources are limited.

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HEX64 has been serving a global clientele with finesse. As a hiring agency, we have the freedom of working with different clients with various needs. This adds to the experience, enriching individual skills and knowledge, further adding to the arsenal. This vast experience can be extremely beneficial for your business.

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We have access to cutting-edge technology and suggestions and are constantly upgrading our tech to provide you with the best solutions. We believe in changing over time, accepting the latest tech and integrating it into our work accordingly.

Cons of Hiring Locals for your international business

Employees with the necessary job skills can be limited
The company practices might not be comprehensible to the locals
There might be a language barrier
Not all workers have the same value as the company
Lack of dedication
Lack of commitment

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