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Top Trends for Data Security, Big Data and Cloud in 2018

The year 2018 is expected to bring in some path-breaking changes in the world of technology and information system. If you would ask us what is going to be the most significant topic in the world of IT then it is surely going to be data security. And the impact of the trends that we are going to mention here would not only proliferate this year but also influence the coming years. Let us see which trends will influence the fields of big data, data security and cloud in the year 2018.


Trend 1: The Growing Data-Driven Enterprise:

The success of a business is no longer dependent on the brand name, past laurels, huge investments or implementation of cutting-edge techniques only. There is a growing importance of how effectively an organisation leverages its data. Thanks to the availability of a huge extent of data and the establishment of such companies which are increasingly data-driven.

Top Trends for Data Security

There is its share of risks and benefits like one could face challenges regarding data management, security and regulation whereas benefits would percolate in the form of running an enterprise that is more competitive, innovative and ultimately more constructive.


Trend 2: Higher Focus on Risk Analysis and Compliance:

GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation will be put into effect in 2018. The regulations would give due recognition to the fields of risk analysis and compliance. This would try the waters of how the companies would perform when exposed to risks along with managing the risk tolerance in the areas of regulatory compliance. The enterprises can create correct strategies with the aid of a smart utilisation of risk analytics. Such strategies are based on the insights gathered from data.


Trend 3: A Greater Control and Data Balance Prior to Ingestion:

The trend has been shifted diametrically. Earlier, the entire focus would stay on data gathering but not anymore. Now what is important is to prepare a structured plan for the data and to manage it properly. The main challenge is to retain data, archive it and utilise it with 100% efficiency.


Trend 4: More Urgency to Solve Potential Data Breaches:

The enterprises are unable to realise the benefits of cloud or big data. Thanks to rampant cybercrime irrespective of industries! From the insiders’ file tampering to costly ransomware hacks, the business concerns face challenges on a dual front- the first from the preparation standpoint and second from the future prevention issues. The key to success is hidden in the ways to protect the data in the truest ways possible. Data-security is vital in combating data breaches.


Trend 5: A Greater Focus on Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing:

Emphasis is more on artificial intelligence. Both machine learning and cognitive computing come under this category. And these two are integrally linked with big data. Well, it is not difficult to understand that without the aid of precision tools, even the biggest data analyst would be unable to handle a huge influx of data in the extent of terabytes. Machine learning is a new way for data mining that has made things simpler.

Along with the enterprises, the providers for data security solution should also update their knowledge so to cater to the changing demands of the world of IT, successfully. The ultimate success depends on the best collaboration between the two.

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