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Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Integration with In-house File Server

Here we are showing Microsoft office 365 SharePoint integration with in house file server to sync the data from in-house server to the SharePoint on the cloud.


  • Microsoft work account.
  • A Window Operating System (Server or Client).
  • Microsoft Office365 License (minimum requirement Office 365 Business Essentials).

Steps to Configuration-


1. Open your browser and access

2. After login with Microsoft work account. Click on SharePoint.


You can also access SharePoint from below mentioned icon-

access SharePoint

3.  Click on create site icon.

create site icon

4.  Click on communication site.

communication site

5.  Provide Name and site description for site.

Provide Name and site description

6. Copy the URL link that is highlighted. It depends on your site name.

Like –

7. Then click on Finish Button.

8. After browsing SharePoint site click on documents tab.

click on documents tab

9. Create a document (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) by clicking on New You can also upload or drag and drop file from your system.

Create a document

10. Now download One Drive setup file from Microsoft site.

11. Launch the installer.

12. installer will start.  

Launch the installer

13. After successful installation launch it from taskbar icon.

14. Now login with the same id which used for SharePoint site.

SharePoint site

15. If all done correctly, synchronization will start.

16. It will create sync folder in your local drive that can be access by clicking on Open folder icon.

17.  Now if we will change or add anything in local data server it will change or add over the SharePoint site also.

over the SharePoint site

Note – Editing files at multiple sources can create conflict. Overcome this by using check-out and check-in feature.

18. To use Check-in & Check-out Function on SharePoint, select a document and click on the 3 dots (more).

Cloud file share

19. Below Icon denotes Checked -out Docs.

Checked out Docs

20. If any document which is checked out from SharePoint is edited on the in-house file server  than there will be a Notification as below.

Notification as below

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