Our client is a well-known Homebuilder Construction Company, was founded in the early 1970s. It is headquartered in Salt Lake, USA and has multiple offices in USA. They serve clients in the United States as best local homebuilder for new building & home construction.
The client began developing lots and eventually became one of the largest land developers in the state of Utah, doing roughly 18-20% of all lot development in the state, about 2,000 lots a year.


Provided that an outstanding, always on user experience with more than 2500 of users accessing application from different geographical locations and cloud. It is constantly looking for ways to improve the cost-efficiency of its IT operations, while reinvesting the savings into enhancing features and capabilities to deliver new market offerings.

Its original IT infrastructure was based on a hybrid, which offered the agility and on-demand services that the company originally needed. However, with a rapidly growing user base, expansion into multiple markets, and the extension of its business strategy into B2B services, this approach was beginning to show its limitations and was resulting in increasingly high costs.

As a result, they needed a solution that could give it the ability to keep expanding and control spiralling costs, while still being able to connect to other public cloud like-Microsoft Azure, AWS to run its core business applications.”


The Customer has in-house and cloud environment of multiple servers running Windows and Linux with multiple virtualization platforms such as Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. As it was hard to maintain the multitude of hypervisors, our client built a new cost-effective infrastructure by consolidating the servers with VMware. This allowed the Customer to manage the entire datacentre from a single control point and facilitate its maintenance significantly.
Since some of the services were configured inadequately, client investigated the cases and provided solutions with a detailed documentation.

To maintain and improve system uptime and security, and regularly revise (modernize, optimize) the internal services, specifically database systems, anti-virus protection, monitoring systems, CMS, file-server systems, local network and more. In addition to that, they are responsible for hardware consistency and support. Moreover, HEX64 engineers constantly update the knowledge base with user and troubleshooting guides to help the staff solve issues.


• High availability and secured networking environment
• No Single point of failure for the infrastructure
• Improved end-user experience and availability of skilled resources
• Higher service availability and improved problem response and resolution
• SLA and Process driven service support
• Improved end-user experience and availability of skilled resources
• More focus on the nature of their business
• Productivity is not affected due to holidays or vacation time since the availability of backup resources.
• Clients have saved up to 70% in payroll after outsourcing to HEX64
• Client integrated all services under one company
• Client has improved work quality and response time
• Saved time and effort in interviewing and selecting appropriate candidates
• Client reduced operating cost and management fees including HR, admin, client servicing, accountancy etc.
• Client has easy access to trained pool of pre-screened resources
• Client can scale up or down at short notice
• Client can take the team onsite for short periods
• Zero Risks: Whether 5 or 500 employees, HEX64 fund the entire start-up phase including the recruitment process.

Tools & Technology

• OS- Windows server 2012,2016,2019, Windows 10
• Endpoint & Network security- Sophos Central, Symantec
• Database-MSSQL
• MS Exchange, O365
• Backup- Veritas Backup, ShadowCraft Backup, and Windows Backup.
• Firewall & APs- Fortigate 300D, 80E, 60E, 30E FortiAPs
• Server Virtualization- Hyper-V, VMware