Enterprises now demand that the uptime be 24/7 to minimize losses which could be millions. The disadvantages are small for small business owners, but that doesn’t make them any less significant. Errors in the IT department can put the business’s functioning and even existence in jeopardy. NOC services are essential for monitoring, maintaining and administering the network infrastructure of businesses.
The client was constantly looking for 24*7 NOC services to monitor the resource like firewall, servers, critical services & applications after-hours. So that they can ensure round the clock service converge with high uptime of the resources. And, when they come back to the work at next day, they find all the resources up & running properly.


• Monitoring resources after-hours to cover 24*7 service coverage.
• Providing proactive L1& L2 support in case of any issue encounters.
• Ensuring seamless and secure network connectivity with devices such as controllers, sensors and other business-critical machines.
• The client was facing a slow network performance issue.
• Reducing IT operation costs while protecting huge investments
• To maintain and improve system uptime and security, and regularly revise (modernize, optimize) the internal services,
• Hard to maintain & manage the large workforce with increasing day-to-day issues.


We provide proactive support in identifying network incidents before a problem erupts. Although our 24*7 Network Operations Center (NOC) uses automated tools to speed up problem identification and resolution tasks and provide better insight into your network system to identify potential problems and then prevent them from occurring.

• Performs wide range of applications for ultra-long-haul network monitoring
• Detects issues and perform instant break fix.
• Performs proactive maintenance.
• Improved availability of network and other resources to ensure High uptime.
• Real-time network status and performance with efficient preventative maintenance schedules.
• Faster, low-cost service provisioning with efficient tools for management.
• Track and assess basic incidents and assigning resolutions
• Root cause analysis and reporting (Monthly/Annual)


Our NOC Services became a central component of the client’s operations strategy for complete network management with following key results:
• Provided highly skilled technician to help the client to increase the coverage hours for the support desk and monitoring the network resources and enhance customer satisfaction.
• 96% improvement in response rate for network outages at remote locations
• 54% reduction (on average) in restoration time for network outages
• Automated network event ticketing solution which ensured that NOC technicians were aware of network alarms quickly without the need for manual ticket creation.
• Maintained 97% network uptime to ensure machine-to-machine connections with on-site and remote locations.
• Nearly 35% reduction in IT operations costs.

Tools & Technology

PRTG, OpManager, ManageEngine