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Managed IT Service

IT Infrastructure Services: Ideal IT Infrastructure For A Remote Organization

With the perfect IT infrastructure to reinforce a transformation to remote work worldwide, IT officials are seeking for the perfect infrastructure to assist remote organizations. This infrastructure needs to ma...

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Service

Managed IT Services: How MSPs Are Dealing With COVID-19 Situation

Currently, the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and our realities have all been turned upside down by the coronavirus. Life has been obstructed in ways unthinkable a few months, or even weeks,...

Remote Access Connected Drones Technology Concept
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Does Remote Software Quality Assurance (QA) Really Work?

Businesses in any industry, from manufacturing to construction and retail and financial services, have become increasingly dependent on technology, not just to succeed but to survive. As an outcome, businesses ...

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The Best Practices to Support Remote Workers and Relieve Stress, During The COVID-19 Crisis

It’s crucial that companies have a thorough business continuity plan to guarantee their products and services persist available, guarded, and responsible for their consumers and representatives. The strength an...

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How To Setup Single User Mode in Microsoft SQL Server

In this blog, we are showing how to setup Single User Mode in Microsoft SQL server. Prerequisite- 1. Microsoft SQL server configured with mixed Authentication (Windows and SQL). 2. User should be at least local...