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How to Increase Quota of Resources in Google Cloud Platform

In this blog we are showing how to increase quota of Memory, CPU and other resources. When our services quota completed,


When Instance with resources Memory, CPU, Storage or other resources is created, it fails with the below error.

“Quota ‘CPUS’ exceeded limit”

google cloud platform

By default there is a quota applied on each resource depending on the location and to create a VM Instance with resources which is more than the quota applied then you need to submit a request to increase the quota as required.

Steps to Increase the Quota-

1. Login to GCP Console.
2. Click on Navigation Menu.

3. Click on IAM & admin click on quotas.

4. Select Quota type, Service, Metric, Location click on EDIT QUOTAS.
Below is an example for extending the quota for CPU for Location US-west-1. You may select metric like CPU, Storage, Memory etc. as per the need.

5. One the pop-up screen, put your Name, Email and Phone and click Next.

6.  Put the required resource size (CPU in our case) and write the quick reason (like-We need to create VM with 100 CPUs) for enhancement then clicks Done.

7. Submit your request.
Note – As per GCP, it may take 72 hours but usually it takes around a day for the enhancement.


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