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How to Implement (Remote Desktop) RD Gateway

Remote Desktop Gateway is a service by which local Windows machine can be aceessed securily over internet using RDP protocol without exposing it over internet.

Gateway Server Layout

Installation Guide:

1. Open Server Manager > Click on Manage>Select Add Roles and Features.
2. Select Installtion type Role-based or feature -based installation.

Installation Type

3. Select destination server from server pool. Click on RD gateway Icon.

4. Select Role Remote Desktop Services from server Roles, Click next.
5. Select services from Role Services, select all of them accept Remote  Desktop Virtualization Host and Remote Desktop Desktop Web Access and click next.
6. Select Network Policy Server,click next and click install,it will take few time for role installation.




Configuration of Remote Desktop Gateway :

1. Open Server Manager, select Remote Desktop Services and click on RD Gateway.

Remote Desktop Gateway

2. Select the server from pool.
3. Enter the SSL certificate name (use the external FQDN of the RD Gateway server), click next and start configuration.
4. When the installation has been completed, click on configure certificates and review the RD gateway properties for the deployment.

5. Verify RD Gateway certificate.

6. Configure RD Gateway as shown below.

Configure RD Gateways settings:

1. Open Server Manager click Servers, on right pane select the requried server > right click > click RD Gateway Manager.


2. Go to Connection Authorization Policies.

3. Mention the policy name, select Enable this policy and click OK.

4. Select authentication method as Password and add user group for RD Gateway authentication.

5. Select required session timeouts.

6. Go to Resource Authorization Policies.

7. Policy name.

8. Add user to User groups.

9. Select computer group to be accessed over internet using RD Gateway.

Create Computer Groups:

10. Select Manage Local Computers Groups.

11. Create group.

12. Mention computer Group name and description.

computer Group name

13. Add the server for RDSH.



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