In the interconnected world of today where a trillion gigabytes of data and information gets exchanged every minute across the world, the scope and importance of network security cannot be compromised at the altar of saving costs. In fact, securing your network systems by incorporating network security devices is precisely aimed at doing that – to save costs should your systems get compromised or disrupted.

The increased dependence on computers to conduct business and other allied activities in a seamless manner means you have to be on your toes all the time, for what if your competitor(s) or a hacker decides to play dirty? Is there any remedy for such threats? Well, certainly yes, and the answer comes in the form of installing robust firewall devices.


What are Firewall Devices?

These are hardware devices embedded with software that protect your computer network connected to the Internet from being attacked by hackers through trojans, viruses, worms, malware etc. It does not matter if the network is big as typically seen in offices or commercial establishments or a small one at homes, for security threat is real. By installing such devices, you can control what comes and leaves your network. In fact, you can make rules of Internet usage wherein the access to certain websites can be limited or blocked.

Network security devices


The Cons of not Having Firewall Devices in your Network System

Apart from the threats mentioned above, your network can be used for purposes other than what it is meant for – without you in the know.
A disgruntled employee(s) can pass on sensitive data and information of your clients and customers leaving them devastated and you being sued for negligence or worse, complicity
Your network can be used as a conduit to carry out illegal activities
You can fall foul of the regulatory authorities for allowing data breach


How can Firewall Hardware Help You?

It can give you the authority to have control on your network in three ways;

  • By using the packet filtering process wherein small packets of data coming in or going out of your network are analyzed according to the filter protocol
  • By using a proxy service wherein information is first stored by the firewall to be transferred later
  • Allowing or blocking the access to certain domain names, IP addresses, or words

The next challenge of securing your network is to choose the right kind of firewall devices. This is where the network security devices from Hex64 can be of help.


Why Hex64?

The installation of firewall devices is not a one time job but a continuous process of monitoring and updating the system in view of the new emerging threats. Hence, by providing round the clock IT backup for a slew of services like security, audit, cloud migration/integration or network design and deployment, Hex64 will be there in your hour or need.

Our quality but cost effective firewall devices
HNS-200B with features

  • Operating system – pfsense2.4.0 RELEASE (amd64) Community Edition
  • Security processing cores – 4 CPUs
  • 1 GbE interfaces – 4 interfaces
  • Management Interfaces – 1 (COM)
  • Throughput – 450 Mbps
  • Memory – 2GB
  • Integrated antivirus, anti spam, web filtering, IPS, and load balancing



The necessity of firewall devices is a foregone conclusion and the ones from Hex64 can be your best bet – quality and cost wise.