As the name suggests, Firewall is a security layer for the entire IT infrastructure. A complex set of network security components paired up together makes the firewall system that usually monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic ultimately deciding which one to allow and which one to block based on security parametres. There are some predefined set of security parameters prepared by the makers of Firewall system. You could approach HEX64 and purchase your service package.

Firewall Infrastructure

At HEX64, our proficient network security specialists would set up an infrastructure that establishes the Firewall rules for source/destination network, source/destination TCP/UDP port numbers, source/destination IP address, applications, protocols etc. For the next generation firewall for cyber security infrastructure, you could only rely on the experts like HEX64.

Next-Generation Firewall Infrastructure

Integration of the Application Centric Infrastructure with the Adaptive Security Appliances is the turning point for the automated processes of the application-centric security measures, vital for the existing and futuristic data centres. The cyber security experts of HEX64 are adept to solve the most complex challenges that emerge during the integration process.

Operating system pfsense 2.4.0-RELEASE(amd64) COMMUNITY EDITION
Security processing cores 4 CPUs
1 GbE interfaces 4 interfaces
Management interfaces 1 (COM)
Memory (RAM) 2GB RAM
Throughput 450Mbps*
Site-to-site tunnels Available
IPSec VPN clients Available
SSL VPN Available using client
Power supply AC 180/230 V -50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 75 W (Max. load)*
Fans 3 Internal fan
Input power 195 Watt
Form factor 1 Rack Unit
Dimensions 430mm(W) × 250mm(D) × 46.2mm(H)
Weight 4.05 kg
Shipping weight 4.4 kg
Humidity 5%~95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Integrated antivirus Available
Integrated antispam Available
Integrated Web filtering Available
Integrated IPS (Deep Inspection) Available
Maximum sessions 1.5 Million
(QoS) Available
Guaranteed bandwidth Maximum bandwidth Ingress traffic policies priority bandwidth utilization differentiated services stamping
ISP load balancing Available
Bundled Support Package
Unlimited Remote Support 3 Months
Limited Warranty On Hardware 1 Year
Physical Installations Available**
Remote Installation Initial Configurations For Global Clients
Max initial configurations
  • 5 Site to site VPN
  • Remote access VPN setup for roaming clients
  • Migrations of rule from exiting firewall, if any
  • Basic security configuration
  • Other rules up to 50, if required by costumer

* tested under control lab condition.
** conditions applied