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Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions

We protect your systems and networks from data and information breach. Our Next Gen firewall and internet security system monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic at the source and destination nodes based on stringent security parameters. We are your cyber policemen.

We protect your systems, processes, databases and overall business from the consequences of a data breach. We also provide real time messaging intelligence and save your systems from facing performance issues.


As the name suggests, Firewall is a security layer for the entire IT infrastructure. A complex set of network security components paired up together makes the firewall system that usually monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic ultimately deciding which one to allow or block based on security parametres. There are some predefined set of security parameters prepared by the makers of Firewall system. You could approach HEX64 and purchase your firewall and internet security service package.

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Firewall Infrastructure

At HEX64, our proficient network security specialists would set up an infrastructure that establishes the Firewall rules for source/destination network, source/destination TCP/UDP port numbers, source/destination IP address, applications, protocols etc. For the next generation firewall support services to strengthen your cyber security infrastructure, you can only rely on the experts like HEX64.

Next-Generation Firewall Infrastructure

The integration of the Application Centric Infrastructure with the Adaptive Security Appliances is the turning point for the automated processes of the application-centric security measures. It is vital for the existing and futuristic data centres. The cyber security experts of HEX64 are adept to solve the most complex challenges that emerge during the integration process.

Multiple firewall-related packages are available with us including Iptables, UFW, FireallD and Fail2ban. Right from the setup stage, we provide all components of the firewall support services for implementation. In addition, the migration support services are supervised by our certified administrators.

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