IT Audit

An IT (information technology) audit cost is lower than the business outage.

An information technology audit (IT audit) is a systematic analysis of the various management controls lying within the corporate IT infrastructure. The assessment of collected information helps to determine if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives. This also helps determining organization current software/OEM licensing compliance state. These reviews may be performed in parallel with a financial statement audit, internal audit.

Why SMEs need IT Audit?

Numerous businesses are investing an enormous amount of capital on IT infrastructure, they realize the advantages that IT awareness may add to their operations and services. However, adding new technologies also increase the probability of its misuse and security incidence so its necessary to ensure the IT systems are reliable, secure and not vulnerable to attacks.
IT audit is a must to keep business operating smoothly, it provides assurance for the IT operations security status, presents reliable information to clients. An unnoticed prominent error may result in frequent network failure, causing more boundless damage than a human error. IT audit helps to decrease risks of data tampering, data loss or theft, service interruption, and inadequate administration of IT systems.


Our IT Audit services provide a confident and accurate analysis of IT infrastructure, control configuration, and administrative compliance by in-depth testing and expert analysis. HEX64’s auditors maintain a number of licensed certifications including Certified Information Systems Auditor, Microsoft Certified Professional and Certified Ethical Hacker and more.

Benefit of IT audit:

  • Checks Susceptibility for exiting Threat
  • Evaluates the System Integrity
  • Verifies data security standards
  • Evaluates IT infrastructure security status
  • Compliance reporting

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    Compliance Gap Analysis Service

    A small IT gap today can grow enough to kill your business revenue drastically

    The compliance analysis is done by deep assessment of existing controls, systems, and procedures in congestion with business methods and structures surrounding cybersecurity and information security. HEX64’s compliance review services help organizations determine their adherence to established industry guidelines.
    HEX64 also provides a report identifying gaps and prioritizing areas of improvements, and providing solutions on how to bring the organization into compliance.

    IT Asset Administration And Compliance Services

    We help you managing your IT asset d you can focus more on your core business

    IT asset administration is business designed to defeat IT costs, narrow risks related to ownership and management of software and hardware, improve IT and end-user performance. It is challenging to maintain an IT ecosystem that is unable to realize, what software assets it has, how are they configured & located and by whom they are being used. Implementation of numerous IT processes—such as configuration, release, or modification administration—depends on an organization’s particular expertise of its IT assets. A prime strategy may allow organizations to achieve the highest advantage from software license agreements, which are becoming an ever-increasing part of IT budgets. An actual understanding of license entitlements and regularly avoids spending on unneeded software.
    Our Contract Compliance Service experts may support your company to better control its software license and maintenance costs by addressing IT asset management issues. HEX64 can advise to avoid misuse and reduce costs by presenting instructions on upgrading management of the software asset with respect to the growth sequence.

      Internal IT Audit Service

      Keep your house in-order by our internal IT audit services

      Strong businesses recognize that an effective internal audit service can make a much genuine addition to the administration of risk and continuous performance for business. Internal auditing is objective support and consulting movement invented to join advantage and enhance an organization’s processes. It may promote an association to accomplish its strategic goals with inducing a methodical, disciplined strategy for evaluating and growing the effectiveness of risk control, administration, and governance processes. Our Internal Audit services support boards and senior officials adequately maintain business risks. Engineer’s team assist businesses to enhance the effectiveness, excellence, and value gained from internal audit. HEX64 understands of risks and fields of operational enhancement especially can help internal audit functions improve the performance and operating effectiveness and deliver value to businesses.

      • Internal audit outsourcing

        HEX64 internal audit specialists can work beside thee to know your business policy and incorporated business goals, and how the policy is abandoned for an appropriate operational business strategy plus process structure. Projecting benefits from qualified independent professional evaluations and analysis of the quality and effectiveness of the control environment inside the organization.

      Services include:

      • Rendering information on how to execute an adequate and secured internal control environment
      • Counseling on whereby to manage core operational risks, primarily those linked to the reliability of company procedures
      • Helping with connecting operational approaches and risk performance measures to business purposes
      • Supporting with innovation management and business awareness manners through accommodating obtain the transition from enduring practices to extra productive and focused.
      • Assessing the key arrangements, dynamics moreover processes needed to underpin adequate corporate governance.

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      Data Analytics & Continuous Auditing

      Be proactive and fix IT issues before it occurs by HEX64 systematic data analytics

      The purpose and intentions of continuous auditing around the globe continue to emerge, extending beyond controls examination and yielding with regulations and policies. Now is the time to encourage continuous audit function to build business value by improving risk management and enhancing performance through the use of data & analytics. Organizations encounter numerous developing risks including the expanding yielding weight and financial uncertainties, frequently complicated and borderless duplicity schemes, and reducing boundaries. To overcome certain risks, organizations require eliminating operational inefficiencies and adopting innovative techniques to evaluate and control risk and improve performance. Continuous audit has a great role to play in assisting organizations to confront those risks.
      The continuous audit function through automating acquisition, formatting including mapping of essential organizational data, moreover applying several devices to examine and understand the data in a more significant and powerful way. That vessel results in more focused audits that have the capacity to converge on particular fields of risk, transfer extra effective audit preparation and seek a glorious balance of commands versus doing analysis based on the underlying transaction issues and risks.


      • Developing a strategic plan
      • Developing tactical plans
      • Choosing the best suited technology platform
      • Create and complete implementation strategies
      • Continuously evaluating the performance.
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