Firewall Solutions

Protect the productivity of your services with the next-generation security solutions offered by us. Say goodbye to the data loss, stress and wastage of money! Whether it is the cyber threat posed by some ransomware or a spear phishing, rely on the qualified, trained and proficient data-networking security service personnel of ‘HEX64’.

  • Real-Time Messaging Intelligence: We do not let your network suffer from some performance issue with the support of real-time messaging intelligence technique.
  • Excel in your Business Productivity: With the aid of security and archiving solutions, you never face issues with data backup. Call us now and improve your business productivity.
  • Ransomware Solutions: Tackle the biggest cyber threat posed to the world of networking. Call us for comprehensive ransomware solutions. Do not fall a victim of such malicious programmes but function as a confident business owner who is capable of providing services to the consumers, unfailingly.
  • Say No to the Data Loss: ‘HEX64’ offers you recovery solutions for virtual, physical and SaaS applications with the aid of end-to-end data protection techniques.
  • PhishLine Simulation: We enhance the email protection capability of your business by offering your employees the training for security awareness and phishing simulation.
  • Cloud Generation Firewalls: Install the cloud-connected firewall system for accessing a secured and reliable application and network system.
  • Remote Safeguarding of Business Data: Avail simple and cost-effective disaster and backup recovery service from us.
  • Safe and Compliant Email Services: At ‘HEX64’, we offer you affordable and powerful solutions for e-discovery, email archiving and compliance issues.
  • Secured Cloud-Hosted Data and Apps: Whether you are running applications on Microsoft Azure or AWS, our next generation firewall support packages will cover them all.
  • Firewall System: A secured layer established by firewall would protect your entire IT infrastructure. You can avail the firewall system for both your small and big business enterprises.

Firewall Systems for Small Business

Fortify your IT security measures for small business by hiring the services of industry experts. At ‘HEX64’, we provide you with both software and hardware firewall security cover with the aid of anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN support, anti-spyware and the capability for content filtering.

Firewall Systems for Large Enterprises

Avail the benefits of our security management architecture and centralised policy distribution to keep your IT infrastructure secure. We provide you solutions for keeping numerous access points and multiple offices (local and remote) fully secured.