Web Test Automation

Websites have become the online identity for businesses and organisations. The proper functioning of these has a bearing on the latter’s brand image and revenue generation. In the era of continuous integration and delivery of software, the role of testing has become significant. The process of testing identifies the resident bugs in the code and ultimately helps the software to achieve outcomes in terms of enhanced functionality, navigation and user friendliness – important attributes of a seamless user experience.

To meet the challenges of building a quality software with better features and functionalities for accelerated deployment in the Agile and DevOps era, Web Test Automation holds the key. By incorporating test automation in the SDLC, issues like repetitive nature of testing, limited coverage area, slower time to market, limited detection of defects, non-usability of codes, and a reduced focus on all areas of testing are duly addressed.

Hex64 provides a comprehensive suite of services in networking, security, server setup and management, and web test automation. Our proficient and experienced Quality Assurance staff is adept at performing web test automation covering each and every facet of a website including the behaviour of dependencies. We use cutting edge automation tools such as Selenium, Katalon Studio, UFT, and TestComplete among others to test your website or web application(s) in order to enhance its quality and user experience.

Web Test Automation Services

Our comprehensive web test automation services include the following processes.

web test automation services
  • Choosing the right tool for automation – We choose the tool that fits into your budget, supports technologies that were used to build the website, and provides a robust feedback mechanism for an indepth analysis.
  • Choosing the appropriate application for automation – We perform test automation on the application(s) that is stable.
  • Building the testing framework – We create automation testing framework that is stable and is able to cope up with changes (if any). Our test framework such as linear, modular, data driven, keyword driven or hybrid depends on the type of application(s) to be tested.
  • Writing test scripts – We write robust test scripts that combine elements like version, dependencies, data source etc.
  • Feedback – The error report generated during test automation is analysed for the proper fixing of bugs and to enhance the overall quality of software.

We never sit on past laurels but continuously update our services, incorporate the latest techniques and methods and keep ourselves on top of the technology curve. The HEX64 team of engineers, testers and support staff provide innovative and comprehensive automated web test solutions to improve the quality of your website and enhance the user experience thereby helping your business to grow.


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