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HEX64 is one of the big names among the service providers for VPN network solutions in India. Headquartered in Noida, we aim at offering personalized solutions for the issues related with Hosting an IP based networking. We are adept in solving both small and large scale issues that rise over a period. Flexible networking and storage solutions are offered addressing specific problems with the help of VPN or L3 MPLS technology.

The VPN system is the secure medium to connect remote offices or mobile users to a central network. Unlike old technologies like frame relay based private networks, the networking system engineers of HEX64 implement the latest techniques of VPN solutions. We have complete expertise in IP based VPNs. HEX64 teams of engineers believe in giving best solutions to a business house in the way of cost reduction, security and enhanced bandwidth. Whether your business house is facing an issue related to IP based communication networks via cellular-to-cellular or site-to-site networks, we are capable of providing solutions for them all.

VPN Network Solutions

Advanced VPN networking services for business growth

VPN networking services
  • To reduce the overhead cost of managing business processes and higher productivity, our technical staffs install networking infrastructure for connecting your different offices with the help of VPN or L3 MPLS
  • To enhance the security of the networking system, our software coders encrypt the VPN connection so that no one can easily decrypt it and compromise the security of your system
  • VPN system can significantly enhance the productivity of your business as, via it, one can easily access the information stored in a remote place. Thus, we inspire our clients to install the system in the office and receive ROI after just a couple of years
  • To optimize the performance and fine tune the security lags, we audit your VPN

Expand your business, open several branch offices in the country and around the world. Consult with HEX64 for installing a VPN networking infrastructure to connect your offices.

HEX64 ensures that the projects are completed on time thereby ensuring biggest profit amount to your business. Time-to-time technical updates are imparted to our employees with the help of in-house training sessions. We believe in forging long term business relations with our clients by delivering international standard services encompassing all types of VPN networking solutions. HEX64 is your one stop VPN network solutions provider.


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