Network Design and Architectural Support

HEX64 project evaluation team prepares a report jotting down the fundamental and special requirements of the business. On the basis of this report, our system engineers and technical staffs offer network and architectural support. Tailor-made services ensure a secured growth of a business. A proper assessment of network access control and network segmentation form the initial structure of the entire support architecture. In the next step, we perform a gap analysis to pinpoint the incomplete, missing and inaccurately implemented security controls. The design of a LAN, WAN and a converged network infrastructure forms the third layer of the architectural support.

Among the benefits of a networking service provider like that of HEX64, understanding the state of present network, evaluating the future network requirements, multi-factor authentication to secure the remote access control and an improved vision of network security hold the highest priority for the development of a business.

Network and Architectural Support Services

Advanced technical support for business growth

  • 24*7 cloud computing services will detect the performance problems and recommend best solutions for overcoming them
  • For serious and complicated problems related to networking, our team of system engineers designs and deploy completely new systems forming the base of the IT infrastructure
  • Establishment of a stable network is followed by the steps of review and maintenance
  • It is essential to understand the influence of downtime. Thus, our backup support staffs closely monitor the crucial systems of esteemed clients thereby notifying them of potential problems in advance

HEX64 is a networking service provider in NCR which offers personalized cloud solutions to suit your evolving requirements. Continuous monitoring and repair of the entire network provide a robust layer around the system architecture.

In HEX64, we continually strive for cost-effective and easier alternatives for WAN connectivity and mammoth branch networks. Primary aim of our services is to solve the underlying network issues to facilitate the smooth running of applications. Our teams are designed to offer dedicated resources in the form of hardware, software and latest applications.

Whether it is to install or maintain a hybrid WAN architecture followed in remote offices which integrate traditional MPLS with different connectivity options like 4G/LTE, internet/broadband, satellite and fiber, our teams with a sound technical know-how, successfully complete the tasks.

Overall impact of our services results in the reduction of total overhead cost of bandwidth and reduction of the latency period of crucial applications thereby ensuring growth of your business at a full speed.


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