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Our managed security services are designed to overcome traditional IT security challenges with overcoming skills shortage, fighting new threats or taking initiatives to safeguard IT infrastructure against ever-evolving advanced threats.

The threat landscape is evolving day by day. One of the common myths is IT Security is a concern for only large business and not for SMEs. Whereas the truth is just the opposite as a big organization have security in-place and SMEs lacks even frontline of defense.
As reported, WannaCry ransomware attack was in May 2017 worldwide, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows old operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom. The attack was estimated to have affected more than 200,000 computers across 150 countries, with total damages ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars and impact was most on SMEs.
Every SME needs a security framework to safeguard their business against Cyber attacks. SME lacks skillset and manpower to meet security standards. Outsourcing security needs to an MSSP is the cost-effective answer to respond to increasing threat landscape by reacting to these risks using smarter 24x7x365 intelligence-driven security services that focus on maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing loss.
HEX64’s distinct approach to Managed Security Services (MSS) is designed to serve as an extension of your IT staff. We understand that all businesses are different, and that’s why Our Managed Security.

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Benefits To Your Organization

  • Improve Security

    Accomplish your IT Security to be always efficient and optimized. An MSSP utilizes a variety of automation & tools to completely protect a business from evolving security threats.

  • Reduce Cost

    Managed Security Services Providers streamline your costs and enable businesses to divert internal resources where they are best utilized.

  • Lower Risk

    Lower the risk of data loss and/or business outage due to security breaches by continuous monitoring of internal and external control, data and management plane.

  • Maximize Efficiency

    We apply rigorously proven procedures and policies into our services to minimize false-positives and improve responsiveness to rapidly contain cyber attacks.

  • Proactive Response

    Managed Security Solutions Providers can act before a security incident occurs by proactive behavior monitoring.

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Data Protection & Privacy

Safeguard your classified and confidential information from eavesdropping attack.

Security breaches and data theft have disastrous business outcomes. Adverse publicity is only the beginning followed by potential liability for lost or stolen customer data and complete business outage.
Organizations must minimize risks of unauthorized or unlawful processing or damage to business-critical data. In highly competitive industries, any data loss can lead to serious damages to brand reputation and undermines customer’s confidence that can result in huge revenue loss.
HEX64 Data Protection and Privacy services provide certified experts with security and privacy expertise and experience to help the businesses understand risks to business-critical data. We pinpoint flaws, and then we support to develop enterprise-wide data protection and privacy strategy, build innovative data protection and privacy solutions, and maintain the enterprise’s security environment.

  • Reduce Your Risk

    HEX64 views data protection and privacy not as a technology, but as a strategy — incorporating various technologies and processes, each designed to reduce data risks.

  • Comprehensive Approach

    HEX64 specialists are certified and have a breadth and depth of expertise and experience of security technologies, with vendors such as Symantec, McAfee, Fortinet, Sophos, Microsoft, and Varonis

  • Benefit

    HEX64 has proven experience delivering successful security projects to national and overseas organizations. Our experts maintain the highest level of accreditation with select security vendor, partners, and professional bodies, assuring that HEX64 delivers the best solution to clients.

Cyber & Infrastructure Security

Protect IT assets with automation and proactive IT security

The internet has emerged as an appropriate medium for corporations to sell and promote their businesses. Unfortunately, it also helps fraudulent behaviors and unauthorized accesses to corporate sensitive data. Cyber attacks can intrude and result in considerable financial and reputational damage regardless of the size of the organization.
In order to meet the Enterprise IT Security standards, organizations need Security Monitoring. IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security connects the dots between alert monitoring, internal & external threat management, incident handling, security analytics, and Security Auditing. Connecting to untrusted networks can expose the organization to cyber-attacks. So it’s important to follow standards network design principles while configuring perimeter and internal network segments, and ensuring all IT devices are configured to the secure baseline build.
HEX64’s Security Monitoring offering is integrated with network security solutions, various security gateways & end-point protection solutions. Proactive Security Monitoring enables enterprises to have an in-depth defense security posture to protect against possible threats, and eventually have a robust incident response framework to contain & recover from them.

Our Approach:

  • Adopt

    A sustainable methodology for auditing and planning enterprise IT Security environment.

  • Manage

    Designing a cyber security framework to meet the industry IT Security standards.

  • Discover

    Identifying and minimizing the business impact while implementing IT Security enhancements.

  • Perform

    Periodic IT Security Assessment & Audit to optimize performance with enhanced security by leveraging the latest technologies.

Data Loss Prevention Assessment

Is your confidential data at risk? Act now before it’s too late!

In today’s security landscape critical data leakage or theft from any organization can lead to serious reputation damage and revenue loss.
Protecting confidential data has been the main concern for every organization which has rapidly increased the need for DLP solutions. Organizations must closely monitor all the channels for data outflow and block all illegal data exit points, also the hand-held or portable device should be closely guarded for accessing corporate data.
Our DLP Assessment can provide you with a better understanding of your organization’s current risks and help identify possibilities to protect your confidential data from loss or leakage. HEX64 experts can assist enterprises to pick the best suited DLP package to meet organizational needs. At the same time, merely procuring and implementing a DLP solution doesn’t provide the needed security. DLP solution is extremely complex technology and has intense implementation cycles, its implementation requires accurate planning, resourcing, and configuration followed by periodic management and monitoring.


  • Prevent data breaches

    DLP is programmed to protect businesses against Internal and External Threats by keeping an extra eye for pattern and keywords in the content or attachments.

  • Automation

    By enabling the technology to automate data protection based on various criteria met for the content type.

  • Reporting

    Granular overview of content flow and scheduled compliance report. Can also trigger a real-time alarm if a predefined DLP event occurs.

  • Early Detection of the Source

    With insight visibility of the data traffic, suspicious activity can be detected in real-time and mitigated early on to prevent further escalation.

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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Know your security shortfalls and reduce risk of data breach

Today’s organizations rely heavily on extensive IT infrastructure to process huge volumes of sensitive data – from employees’ and customers’ personal information to confidential financial records and precious intellectual property.
There could be a possible security flaw during the initial IT infrastructure setup or during upgrade and it never fixed as get unnoticed. Over the time the flaw may get exploited easily with advanced tools and attacker can easily gain unauthorized access to the resources and manipulate for his benefits.
Organization’s critical need is to protect sensitive data and comply with global regulatory demands to ensure the future business growth. Annual Security assessment and mitigating the identified flaws is recommended by most of the governing agencies. Organization’s IT infrastructure undergoes many changes during the year to meet the ever-demanding technology and performance needs. Now the annual Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is the best chance to identify the security loopholes created during the year and fix them out.
HEX64’s VAPT consist of systematic scanning of IT infrastructure by using various security validation techniques to identify and locate vulnerability and flaws in the pre-existing IT infrastructure. VAPT report contains security flaws with the risk level and measure to fix identified lags. Additionally our security expert can be hired to fix those security concerns.

Benefits Of VAPT

  • Enhanced corporate network security level.
  • Improved Data Security from loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration.
  • Safeguarding integrity and availability of mission-critical data.
  • Minimizing revenue loss and reputational damage.

    Patching & Endpoint Protection

    Simplify IT management with automated endpoint protection.

    IT infrastructure nowadays is an integral part of most organizations. For the smooth running of a business, it’s utterly necessary to keep IT infrastructure fit as a fiddle. As an IT infrastructure component, internet access is required for the global business presence. Internet connectivity has its own challenges by making the corporate LAN reachable from the outer world and it opens a new world for vulnerabilities. At the same time new, or Zero-day, security vulnerabilities are frequently being discovered in Operations Systems and business applications. It’s necessary to close these security holes before an attacker gets a chance to exploit the vulnerability. Out-of-date security patching can put sensitive data at risk with serious implications of the business outage, revenue loss, and brand reputation damage.
    Its recommended by all OEM and software manufacturer to update the endpoints on a timely basis or immediately in case of an outbreak. Updating endpoints minimize the chance of exploiting any known vulnerability identified by the manufacturer.
    With HEX64’s Patching and Endpoint protection, you are assured that your workstations and other endpoints are receiving critical security updates on a regular and timely basis. Most of the updates are approved and installed by automation each month making every effort to ensure there are no incompatibilities that may cause problems or loss of productivity.


    • Monthly updates for critical security vulnerabilities.
    • Expedited patching for high-risk Zero-day vulnerabilities.
    • Installing the latest security updates to minimize unintended productivity disruptions.
    • Monthly compliance reporting with all updates and statuses of targeted endpoints.

      Security Risk Assessment

      Know your organizations security risk profile by security risk assessment (SRA)

      Over the years, networks have been at risk of malicious action and accidental user errors. As dependency on computer systems and electronic data grows, and computers become even more interconnected and interdependent, organizations are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats.
      These factors contributed towards building manage security risks more critical than ever and, at the same time, an ongoing challenge. Several organizations fight to find efficient ways to ensure that they fully understand the real and potential security risks affecting their operations and adopt appropriate controls to mitigate these risks, these results in serious business loss and growth perspective.
      A security risk assessment is a decisive part of mitigating and controlling cyber security threats. With a precise objective on the organization’s risks factors, security program can more effectively be tailored, optimizing technology and future investments plan to mitigate risk successfully.
      Security Risk Assessment Solutions from HEX64 can help with expert’s team in a deep variety of cyber security methods, we help organizations to develop and execute Vulnerability Assessment and create a security strategy and investment plans.
      We offer security risk assessment services as a part of a broader offering for managing and mitigating risks. Our security experts provide access to the skills and services required to fill in the security gaps, manage risk to better protect the enterprise network.


      • Security risk assessment helps to identify, evaluate and mitigate security risks.
      • Assessment of current and required security level to create a roadmap.
      • Better investment plans for IT Infrastructure as security lags are already identified.
      • Improved organization risk posture.
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