We help your business to optimize the performance of its systems and processes. We do so by offering services that range from setting up a robust IT infrastructure and providing cloud computing services to conducting information security audits and establishing smart office connectivity.

IT Network Architecture Support

  • HEX64 will investigate performance problems with your current network and recommend solutions to overcome them.
  • In case of serious problems on your network, our team can design and deploy an entirely new system to form the base of your IT infrastructure.
  • Once a stable network has been established, reviewing and maintaining it is essential.
  • We understand the impact of downtime. That’s why we actively monitor all of our customers’ critical systems and ensure they are notified in advance of any potential problems.
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Smart Office Connectivity

  • We provide office to office connectivity with VPN or L3 MPLS, reduced management overhead and higher productivity.
  • Security is one of the biggest challengers in today’s interconnected world.VPN connection is encrypted and can not be decrypted and thus read.
  • The great advantage of having a VPN is that the information can be accessed remotely even from home or from any other place. That’s why a VPN can increase productivity within a company.
  • We also fine tune or audit your VPN for security lags and optimized performance.
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IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

  • Whether you’re looking for a completely new IT system, or just need some basic IT support, we are always there to help you out.
  • Competitive plans, per user or per hour billed.
  • Just on your demand, we can provide remote helpdesk support or in-house engineer for mission critical.
  • Our managed services include remote infrastructure management and proactive round-the-clock monitoring of your servers.
  • 24×7 availability of engineer depending on the SLA agreed, cost effective and reliable.
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Cloud Integration Services

  • Based on the requirement and survey, we can setup Cloud or Inhouse data center setup with backup strategy.
  • For companies in need of a large deployment of cabinets, with the resources easily available and, according to survey a data center life expectancy of more than five years, it may make sense in the long term to build an in-house data center.
  • For smaller to midsize companies and startups, the evidence points toward outsourcing data center needs.
  • We constantly monitor your servers and systems and update them as and when required.
  • Our service delivery model provides for quick and efficient resolution of IT incidents and requests, giving your enterprise important productivity benefits and lowering the total cost of IT operations through our managed services for cloud.
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Network Penetration Testing

  • Complete data risk assessment report.
  • Define & implement policy /solutions for data exit points.
  • Enterprise content protection, Endpoint Data Protection and Messaging security.
  • Identifying distributed and unprotected data across cloud, storage, application, and network.
  • We help create a roadmap for enterprises, offering various engagement models that optimally used solutions to achieve maximum protection against data breaches.
  • We also provide Data Security Incident Management services and Managed DLP.
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments with detailed reporting and measures required.
  • Fixing installed device configuration and firmware update to overcome security lags.
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Web Test Automation

Websites have become the online identity for businesses and organisations. The proper functioning of these has a bearing on the latter’s brand image and revenue generation. In the era of continuous integration and delivery of software, the role of testing has become significant. The process of testing identifies the resident bugs in the code and ultimately helps the software to achieve outcomes in terms of enhanced functionality, navigation and user friendliness – important attributes of a seamless user experience.

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