Unable To Access Hostname Over VPN

In this blog we are showing basic troubleshooting steps to follow when you are not able to access any system/resource using hostname over IPSec or SSLVPN connection using Forticlient.Issue: ...

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Drive Mapping or Group Policy Failure Over VPN

In this blog, we are showing how to mapping the drive. If group policy fails then how we can fix this issue.Symptoms:- When user connects VPN through Forticlient from remote location then grou...

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Secure Remote Access Vs VPNs: A Guide To The Challenges And Benefits

As the processes and techniques employed in industrial environments quickly grow, the upgraded accuracy and performance of devices will require to be controlled in fairly advanced ways. This requireme...

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HEX64 VPN Solutions

HEX64 VPN Solutions For Large Enterprises To Boost Business

In current time, running a business always comes with a lot of challenges. You have to control costs, recruit the right talent, make and grow IT infrastructure, and a lot more besides. However, produc...

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remote office connectivity

What Are The Benefit Of Remote Office Connectivity In Educational Sectors/Health Sectors?

What Is Remote Office Connectivity? Remote office connectivity is an innovative solution that gives businesses access to Voice, Data, Storage and Apps. With Remote office connectivity, a business no ...

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VPN Network Solutions

Explore the Benefits of VPN for eCommerce Transactions

Probably the biggest change dawned upon the world of internet is the advent of eCommerce stores. It has modified the shopping pattern of the buyers in India and rest of the world. No longer do you hav...

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