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Why do your Company Needs Information Security Audit?

It is better to assess your weakness than harping on your strength. Not only this rule is applicable to personal development but also to grow a business. If you do not know the security holes and vulnerabilities existing in your system, it will be immensely difficult to save it from virus or malware attacks. Small, medium or big, every sort of business organization needs a robust security audit system to find out if its sensitive data are protected or not.

information security audit


Defining Information Security Audit

Information security audit is not a one-time affair. As configurations of the systems keep on changing and new devices are added regularly, security audit must be performed at consistent intervals. Before the audit operation could be performed, the layout of the network must be determined.

Network layout or topology of a business includes types of devices, operating systems and updates. The security auditors need all these information before they can start with their work and find out the security loopholes.


The Benefits

Like all other services, security audit also comes for a price. So, if you do not know the benefits, why will you hire a service provider? You will get the reasons for hiring a service in the below-written lines.

1. Running Services: A running network device could be used for penetrating the system. To reduce the risk of computer virus attacks, perform a solid audit. All the running devices will be examined and the unnecessary services will be turned off.

2. Open Ports: Unnecessary ports could be harmful for the security of your system. If there are open ports, they are being identified in order to close them and reduce the risk.

3. Open Shares: Another significant benefit of performing information security audit is for exposing open shares. If they are of no particular use, they should be closed.

4. Passwords: Security audits verify the password policy of your business. Whether or not the passwords are following the guidelines regarding its strength, alteration duration and other requirements, the security audit trials determine all these factors.

5. User Accounts: We often find unused accounts of the employees who have left the organization. There is no use to continue with them and it is better to delete these accounts as they might invite ill-intended people to take over them.

6. Unapproved devices: Any of the devices like the iPods, Smart Phones and other wireless access points should be identified during a security audit. These networks might be the transit points of virus attack.

7. Applications: Security audit will identify the applications which are currently in use and detect any dangerous app which should be immediately stopped.

Manual audits are not always fruitful. The auditor might forget to perform a particular scan thereby keeping you in dark about certain vulnerabilities. When you do not have the knowledge, there is no way you can fix it. As advanced automated processes are initiated by the security auditors, chances are less than any security loophole is left out. That is why services for information security audit are in high demand.

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  1. It was interesting to learn that security audits verify the password policy for your business. That must be really helpful in keeping things protected and within the company. I wonder what the entire process of a security audit is like.

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