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The Commercialization Of IT: Transforming From Cost Center To Returns Stream

Succeeding in the market at present brings general challenges for all leaders: modernize the enterprises, enable greater automation, improve operational efficiency, reduce procurement time, increase cost transparency, and decrease time to market. As corporations make the economic shift from the conventional Capital expenditure (CapEx) to flexible Operational expenditure (OpEx) models, demand for utility consumption models on cloud infrastructure has seen speedy growth. By 2020, IDC predicts consumption-based procurement in data centers will have eclipsed traditional procurement through improved “as a service” models, thus accounting for as much as 40% of companies’ IT infrastructure spending.

HEX64’s hybrid IaaS offering improved data agility, business flexibility and offers a public cloud-like experience with private cloud-like security.

HEX64’s IaaS offering improves infrastructure agility, optimizes TCO, and provides the ability to flexibly match the IT to Business requirements. It also enables companies to set up an on-demand data center and private cloud infrastructure with cloud economics.

Infrastructure agility and optimized TCO:

HEX64 offers to improve infrastructure agility, optimizes TCO, and gives the capacity to flexibly meet the IT to Business requirements.
The pay-as-you-go cloud systems model gives a way for companies to rapidly implement a new solution, only use for the period of the project and still keep control and security. By aligning IT spend to business priorities results are achieved when you want them, and wage only for what you use.
The pay-as-you-go model gives a method for companies to rapidly implement a new solution, only use for the term of the project and still keep control and security.
HEX64 simplify, consolidate and standardize their IT infrastructure services and Managed It Solutions Provider , including companies in the utility industries, manufacturing, and healthcare.
At this moment, the drift toward IaaS consumption remains to develop. Frequently, business buyers prefer consumption-based pricing models, supporting decrease risk, free up money, and enhance alignment to the Lines of Business. In a world where mergers of on-prem as well as public and private cloud systems and applications make up the IT infrastructure, traditional operating models are unable to deliver the proper balance of agility, control, and scalability.
Armed with expertise, next-generation IaaS solutions like HEX64 offering, flexible commercial models that meet industry requirements, HEX64 can help companies understand the actual power of their data, solve their IT challenges, and gain their desired business result.

We help transform IT from a cost center to a profit center:

We arrange it – while you may recognize your need to address the pitfalls we’ve shared, that doesn’t mean your IT team has the current bandwidth or the external perspective to strike problems rapidly and efficiently.
HEX64 works with your IT leadership to 1) quickly identify IT liabilities & opportunities, 2) ideate and prioritize the appropriate IT solutions, and 3) effectively implement those solutions.

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