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The Benefits of a Single Connectivity Service Provider

There has been a classic debate in the world of IT and ITES for the past 5 to 6 years whether it is better to hire a single connectivity service provider or having multiple vendors offering you apps and tools to fulfill your business requirements. Today, we are going to mention the benefits of having a single connectivity service provider. Thus, a comparative analysis would naturally make its way out of our discussion and help you grasp a clear overview of the topic.

Connectivity Service Providers


Why is a Single Connectivity Service Provider Better?

Single connectivity service providers are mostly the favourites given the simplification of the entire process. Apart from that, there are multiple other issues related to vendor agreements, interoperability and invoices. Here, the key is to find the supreme quality services provided by the single vendor.

1. Network Security: Voice, data and the entire interconnectivity system is highly susceptible to theft. A single connectivity service provider understands this comprehensive landscape and thus help you take proper safety measures against data theft. In a multi-vendor system, it is quite difficult to zero in the source of a security compromise. In more serious cases, a delay in risk identification could lead to the loss of valuable time which might have disastrous results.

2. Cost Savings: Multiple vendor agreements could escalate your cost overhead by an unthinkable proportion. Money is saved with respect to monthly billing and lower lifetime cost outputs. As the procedures for vendor selection and its management are more simplistic, you can save more time and repurpose the saved one for some better purpose.

3. Comprehensive Business Requirements: Good relations bring positive changes and in the world of business, you cannot deny its benefits. When you forge a good professional business relationship with your vendor, chances are more likely that you get better services regarding customers and relationship-building.

A good single service provider for connectivity would suggest you the right upgrades and adjustments. This could act as a booster for the quality of communication network. The single vendors would help you select the best alternatives for available techniques in the market so that you will be able to optimise the opportunities.

4. Standards: The services pertaining to data, connectivity, network security and voice communications are not one-size-fits-all. You can understand the complex scenario given the fact that even the simplest IT requirements are based on the decisions pertaining to configuration and optimisation. Organisations may vary with respect to data assets, call volume and the patterns of internet traffic. Based on the factors like budget, priorities and expected growth, business communication tools should be optimised.

Different vendors follow varied configuration standards for integrating the communication tools. The difference appears in the thresholds chosen for service levels apart from choosing varied terminologies for describing the configuration.

5. Simpler Installation and Upgrade Processes: Configurations, installation and upgrades depend on the type of business requirements. It could be that your enterprise might need some unusual or complex standard. In a multi-vendor scenario, the complexities will increase further and there might be prolonged compatibility issues.

It all depends on what sort of service is offered to the customer. The key to best experience is finding out the right provider for single connectivity service. If you follow the right path of selection, there is little doubt about your success.

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