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Stopping Windows 10 From Reducing Your Bandwidth For Updating Alien Machines

With the recent release of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a feature of Peer to Peer (P2P) delivery update mechanism, just to save their bandwidth and load.

This feature shares updates installed on your computer with other unknown Windows 10 machines over the internet. This could end up being an entry point for illegitimate traffic and also eats into your allotted bandwidth and data

How to disable this feature completely or limit updates to local system only:

Open Start Menu >Click on Update & Security

By default it will open tab Windows Update, click on Advanced options .

Windows Update

Now click on Choose how updates are delivered.

Choose how updates are delivered

To limit updates to local systems only, select PCs on my local network.

To disable this feature (P2P updates) completely, switch off the button as below.

P2P updates

Restart the machine and enjoy using Windows 10.

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