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Server less Computing: The next step in Cloud Infrastructure Services!

It is necessary to say that the generation of physical servers is gone with the emergence of cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services). However after the proliferation of containerization, Server less computing is hot topic in the technology world. Unlike the name, there are servers in this architecture but are abstracted in such a way that the developers are relieved from taking care of the operations of them. This is the reason this technology is so

  • AWS pioneered Server less computing in market.
  • Depends on third party applications or custom codes for server-side operations.
  • The emergence of IaaS and PaaS led to the invention of Server less framework.The underlying logic is that the servers are hidden behind the applications and are not visible on the front-end. This reduces the burden of maintaining the servers and their common issues such as scalability, high-availability, etc. Contrary to the monolithic applications Server less Computing invokes small chink of independent codes that can be executed as and when needed. These snippets are triggered by events which make the Server less computing services to run and in turn cost for the duration it has operated on the cloud platform.


How Server less Computing works?

On the whole the Server less architecture consists of applications that characteristically depend on Backend-as-a-Service, Function-as-a-Service integrating the abilities of these two models to empower the cloud infrastructure of the firm. While BaaS allows the developers to concentrate on the client operations without caring about the backend resources, FaaS provides an authentication layer through an API when the clients access the database.
Moreover these snippets are ephemeral in nature which implies that after getting executed these codes get decommissioned in turn making you pay just for the time resources have been utilized instead of wasting money on gigantic infrastructures made up of multiple physical servers.


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What are the potential benefits of Server less Computing?

Cloud computing has emerged to be the new normal among all the high-end technologies making the technology paradigm to take a complete 180-degree shift. With the renaissance of Server less Computing this transformation is going much ahead as per the statistics. Let’s see how Server less Computing is going to benefit you –

Amplified competence of your system – Rather than running the cloud virtual machines 24X7 without giving productivity, the codes in Server less Computing run at the time when they are needed which increases the efficiency and throughput of the technology platform.

Best matched for the event-driven applications – Server less Computing is a perfect match for the short-lived, event-driven applications where the code runs on the server for a certain period of time. Though it is not suitable for old monolithic apps, but it is typically appropriate for next-gen corporate application portfolios filled with small and event-triggered snippets.

Cost and time-efficient tactic – This next-gen technology saves time and money with its ability to run on the cloud server for a short duration and freeing the resources afterwards. This in turn lets the developer pay for the time code has run and allows the company to optimally utilize the resources in some other productive tasks.


What are the challenges with Server less Computing?

Despite these many benefits this technology comes with few loopholes which make the companies think before deploying it. What are they going to do?

Improved complexity – Breaking collapse of a monolithic application in multiple micro-services adds a considerable burden on infrastructure. While managing single big application is easy to manage and operate than handling ten small functions. This not only increases the workload but augments a great degree of complexity than before.

Troubles in monitoring and debugging – Monitoring and debugging the Server less Computing becomes troublesome as the tools required to overcome these situations are still not available in the market. Due to this a company may face increased latency as multiple servers being used instead of one.

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