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Remote Working Environment : How to Set Up Work From Home Culture

Against backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, broken business operations have adopted a modern working (work-from-home) and have begun functioning remotely to preserve business continuity. Customer support teams to have begun supporting the client from the security of their houses. Amidst the unpredictable periods, as Alibaba founder Jack Ma said, you have to utilize new methods, change existing methods, and do it speedily.

If you’re looking to transition your support team to a remote workforce, you’re probably worried and full of questions – How do I track and assign tickets? Should I increase the capabilities of my customer support software? How do I monitor my team’s performance?
This interview with a senior support manager at IT Software Company will explain all questions, and explain what a company requires to change in customer support software to get it remote-support beneficial.

How you handle remote support at support software?

We didn’t own any remote support team until the Novel Covid-19 lockdown. So presently we have demanded all our employees to join from home and it’s a 100% remote.
In the initial communication that was carried out, we asked each of our employees to hold in mind that support teams throughout the world are below a lot of tension, and we should do anything we can to resolve their doubts at the quickest. In the same period, we required our support representatives to guarantee that they continue cool and comfortable while this difficult time.


How does your customer support software help you provide support remotely?

• Automatic ticket assignment
Once we concluded that we were running to start operating remotely, the prime thing that we required to check was the ticket distribution method because that’s the code for a support team. Our support team gets control of the automated ticket assignment and the skill-based, round-robin feature in customer support software. So we ran through our current skills to get sure that we had planned the appropriate skills to the appropriate agents. We also created sure that various agents with various skills were located in the appropriate shifts.

• Automated workflows
We have some automation in position to trace incoming tickets based on courses – for instance, the most current trend has been Covid-19 related. We now mark any ticket that gets in with these keywords and groups them collectively. This enables us to arrange a post mortem investigation and also give guidance accordingly.

• Email notifications
If you’re below incomplete shutdown, or if you have low staff, I would suggest that you proceed further and configure your email notifications to consider that. This enables you to automatically forward an email to a client as soon as they raise a ticket and placed a reasonable expectation for them. Also, you can get used to the portal customization story in customer support software to take the message out to your clients.



remote office connectivity

What about articles those allow agent productivity?

• Agent collision detector
The initial thing that hits my mind is customer support software agent contact feature when you tell agent productivity while a remote work environment. This feature provides an agent to recognize who else is running on a singular ticket. And this assists us to avoid duplicate responses being forwarded out to our clients.

• Customer support software mobile app
The subsequent one is the customer support software mobile app. It’s especially difficult when you’re working from house to focus all the time and tarry right on your computer. The mobile app assists you to remain connected and remain on top of your tickets, even when you’re on the roof or anywhere else.

• Team dashboard
The following task is establishing up an existing ticket dashboard. With customer support software, you can customize your dashboard to view tickets that begin in your queue, and the things that are pending. You can also forward and divided this based on resources. This provides your supervisor with a bird’s eye view of what specifically is occurring in your support team.

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