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Network Performance Testing: How To Solve The Most Common Wireless Network Challenges

Wireless networks are essential to everyone. As companies execute Bring Your Own Device policies and add smart devices to technology policies, the stress on the wireless network leads to lost productivity. This occurs across enterprises in business, education, healthcare, and manufacturing. Sadly, the most basic wireless network difficulties are mediocre. Employees attempting to check email on their phones while heating up lunch or trying to compare to the wireless network in conversations rooms aren’t likely to submit a ticket to the business helpdesk.
Yet it is precisely these sorts of network downtime and connectivity problems that deeply impact productivity. Resolving these common wireless network challenges are certain ways IT can enhance the environment for everyone and provide directly to overall work healing methods.


Common Wireless Network Challenges Symptoms:

• Bandwidth Overload – 

A common experience in large environments – like hospitals or university campuses – where the number of users and devices easily number in the thousands, bandwidth efficiency and management can be tough to manage.

• Wi-Fi Dead Spots – 

Whether it’s a snazzy brick wall or a 300-gallon fish tank, environmental interference, and badly set access points can lead to certain spaces trying to connect to the wireless network.

• Slow and Intermittent Connectivity – 

Signal interference is likely the problem of slow wireless activities. Users normally establish a connection, but then lose connectivity – particularly during high workload actions.

• Network Security – 

While you want the wireless network to be easily available, you also want to defend your users and the network itself from malicious purposes. Implementing security restrictions can negatively affect network connectivity, which is why it is important to have an information security specialist to deploy these technologies.
You can’t get what you don’t know. An Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap gives perceptibility for you into your private network management.



Common Wireless Network Challenges Causes :

An inadequately configured wireless network is one of the number one reasons for wireless network downtime. If the wireless network was installed incorrectly – either via misaligned settings or primary set-up challenges – examining the wireless network configuration usually gives insight into why the network is not functioning perfectly.
In interest to environmental factors – like fences and outside interference (i.e. RF interference), network security concerns should also be addressed. A DDoS attack or rogue AP might be the accused.

Common Wireless Network Challenges: Solutions

There are some urgent steps you can get to address standard wireless network challenges.

• Physical Relocation:

If environmental factors are transforming your wireless connectivity, modifying the genuine location of WLAN hardware might conquer issues.

•  WLAN Upgrade:

Ensure hardware is fixed to the latest standards and the hardware is up-to-date.


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Deploy Network Monitoring Tools:

Sometimes distinctness into network activity can give insights into the real causes of the most basic wireless network challenges. Cisco Prime is one great tool for increasing network discernibility and management.
If you are encountering wireless network downtime, let our team of specialist engineers diagnose and solve your wireless networking issues. Reach out today to review any wireless challenges with our engineers.
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