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Network Management Services: How Network Performance Management Can Help To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

You might not always consider the network as a cause of certain funding, except if it occurs to digital conversion projects, contemplate getting a more intimate appearance.

It’s no surprise that digital change continues to top of remembrance for CEOs. As a fresh Gartner CEO survey reported, 42 % of CEOs are presently taking a digital-first strategy to industry adoption or using digital to the essence of their business model. According to the survey, these leads are likely to be self-funded preferably than recommended by being funds. Consulting as the following few years will be crucial for enterprises to adopt digital change – or risk becoming to give even more next to catch up – now is the moment to see for methods to remove added productivity from being funds. This is anywhere network performance management can benefit. Here are five steps to apply network performance management to expand fecundity and drive incremental expense gains that can be designated to finance digital transformation projects.




1. Get certain you have full perceptibility beyond your whole network, including on-premise and cloud environments as well as remote places across the globe. Don’t be deceived. Possible network concerns are usually confused due to a difference in factors such as legacy technology, adumbration IT, and several software-defined solutions operating on the network. However, with full clarity and endless monitoring and confirming of network configurations and management, network engineers and IT services can proactively recognize and address possible concerns before they prevent trade.


2. Move before-and-after situations on network performance. Setting up baselines about the historical performance of application usage on the network, particularly after an event, sets you up to completely know the actual costs of the network and its influence on end-user productivity or end-customer experience.


3. Adopt software-defined networks (SDN). When it grows to SDN, one section in critical – SD-WAN – can drive major cost savings. Yet don’t drop sight of the reality that several companies will resume relying on some legacy connectivity technologies (such as MPLS) within their SD-WAN environments. To obtain the greatest from breathing and new technology purchases, be certain you have consolidated network performance management beyond legacy as well as the architecture, deployment, and management of SD-WANs. This is particularly important if you’re monitoring various SD-WAN solutions such as IWAN or Viptela or Meraki.


4. Use network data analytics to become fully prepared for tomorrow. With more profound penetration into the performance of applications and tools as well as user behavior, you can reveal methods to save time and resources. For example, analytics can provide more useful insight to improve bandwidth provisioning as well as recognize network problems such as weak VoIP performance. These are just a few samples of areas where enhanced network performance can occur in higher productivity and expense savings.


5. Take the benefit of machine learning. When utilized to network performance, machine learning enables you to train the network to continuously learn application behavior, automate regular tasks, and proactively report you of important changes. By enabling machine learning to obtain over lower-level tactics, you free up resources to concentrate on supporting your strategic digital transformation projects.


It’s no mystery that digital transformation is redefining the networking aspect. Yet remaining capable to know the possibilities it offers will continue difficult to those businesses that don’t include or prepare for the complete changes it brings. Network performance management is one step to improve network performance and expedite digital transformation.

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