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Network Management Services: Best Practices for Avoiding the Dreaded Network Downtime

When this network progresses towards downtime, it is important to keep running to minimize the impact and result costs that can ripple throughout your business and bump your bottom line.

Start by thinking about what can happen essentially and then plan accordingly. There are many reasons for downtime, and you should plan for them all – from system breakdown to human error to natural disaster. Whether the cause is big or small, it is necessary to have an unexpected event strategy to show you through an incident and minimize the blockage in your company.

Do not believe that this cannot happen to you, because it can happen. A survey found that 82% of companies experienced downtime.

6 Necessary Preventative Steps-

When something goes wrong, passive maintenance and a quick, knowledgeable answer go a long way toward keeping your company’s system running.

A managed approach to IT can assist in shutting down downtime. These services can provide you with real-time feedback on network status and streamline the required answer.

To help reduce the blockage, follow these best practices:

  1. Maintenance as practicable, by performing annual, quarterly or monthly preventive maintenance as required.
  2. Maintain OS, firmware and applications with common updates and patching.
  3. Install monitoring tools using 24/7 network monitoring and automated systems and notification.
  4. Implement scheduled enterprise-wide software installations.
  5. Follow common data backup protocols.
  6. Include system redundancy, asset tracking, and documentation.

Put a Team of Tech Expert in Your Corner-

With many potential implications for your company – including fees that can only run into thousands of dollars – it is important to develop a powerful collaboration with your IT service provider.

Due to our extensive experience with IT management and support, we can focus on what happens when a system malfunctions and bring successful results to your company with customized network solutions. Put your trust in HEX64 InfoSolutions.

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