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Network Auditing Services: Don’t Wait for Your IT Infrastructure to Break Down

The value of operating a network security audit can’t be exceeded, but don’t be misled into believing network security is a one-time incident. Exactly like you require returning your car to a technician for a tune-up, an annual network security review holds your infrastructure operating easily and enables your managed services provider (MSP) a possibility to see at what’s working on the bonnet. More useful to hold everything operating easily so difficulties can’t hide hidden.

An absolute network security audit should involve a review of your company’s

  • Firewall configurations,
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware software,
  • Web and electronic communication filtering,
  • Active Directory environment,
  • Password policies,
  • Backups and disaster recovery policies,
  • In-person assessment





Five Benefits of an Annual Network Security Audit:

As important as the primary security audit is, making frequent audits every year presents you with extra penetrations that can hold you going ahead in a protected and fruitful method. The following are the topmost five advantages of making a yearly security audit.


1. Assess how well you’ve addressed last year’s problems

A network security audit is unusable except the problems it exposes are discussed. By making a yearly report, you can analyze where you were the year before with where you are soon to see what systems developed and what still needs consideration.
Have all your proposed management and IT functions been fulfilled? Did the difficulties you put in position strongly decrease earlier year’s difficulties? A yearly security audit serves as a benchmark to the condition and maintenance of your business’s IT environment.


2. Review your security vulnerability analysis with your MSP or IT department

As a portion of a thorough audit, your MSP or IT department should adopt functional software to examine all the nooks and crannies of your network to explore vulnerabilities. But simply implementing the audit isn’t rather. A yearly report of your network security audit with your MSP or IT staff enables you to run above the security vulnerability scans every time and see at any reoccurring malfunctions. By presenting the ends together, you can work to determine the underlying cause for any trends you get. Sometimes the puzzle exposed is really a symptom of a greatly more comprehensive result.


3. Prioritize your technology needs for the next year

IT security and maintenance can be costly, particularly when technology advances happen outside of your command, such as Windows 7 approaching end-of-life on January 14, 2020. A yearly network security audit is a possibility for your MSP or IT team to explain what requires being prepared in the upcoming year, including extra important when it requires to be done, so you can adapt consequently.


4. Address the essential details of IT management

As part of a yearly audit, MSP or IT team should review the state of your hardware, Active Directory for any neglected users who hold left the business, and the configurations of adjustments to your systems. These are essential problems that seldom get forgotten amidst the important daily IT problems that issue. Having a dedicated time to review foundational components holds your IT infrastructure fruitful and protected.


5. Provide feedback to your MSP or IT department and keep the dialogue open

IT security may appear as it exists only in the area of IT professionals, but it requires two-way communication to remain active. A yearly network security audit is an effective tool to open a discussion with your MSP or IT team and address any matters you have. The yearly audit is a great job to explain what’s operating and what’s not that so all your IT requirements are satisfied in the process your company demands.

Don’t expect too long to tune up your IT systems with a yearly network security audit. You can’t get an issue you don’t know lives, and cyber-attacks get extra complicated each day. A glance under the bonnet every immediately and then allows longer than solutions to your difficulties—it allows peace of mind.

For managed services customers of HEX64, a network security audit is performed yearly. If you need advice with a network security audit, communicate us now for a consultation.

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