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Microsoft Azure Network Load Balancer Setup

Load balancer is indispensable for every network if there are multiple servers. The Network Load Balancer distributes traffic among multiple destination servers, inter-site or intra-site. This also provides DR capabilities and maintenance flexibility during production hours.

Network Load Balancer

1. Launch URL in your web browser and login credential.

2. After login, the azure dashboard screen will appear. Click on New > Networking > Load Balancer.

Load Balancer

3. Fill in the relevant Name for load balancer, type any IP from the same subnet of both VMs and add Recourse Group, add Location of data centre and click Create.

Recourse Group

4. After creating load balancer, select All resources and click on load balancer.

creating load balancer

5. Click on Load Balancer, select Probes and Add Probes.


6. Now click on Backend Pools, click on Add, write name of Backend Pool, and Add a virtual machine.

virtual machine

7. After selecting a virtual machine click on the Availability set.

virtual machine

Type the Name of backend pool and click OK.

backend pool

Now click on Load balancing rules, click on Add and go to the option – Add load balancing rule.

Load balancing rules

Your Load Balancer has been created.

load balancer rule name

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