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Managed Network Services: Managing Network Agility and Digital Diversity is Essential for IT teams in 2020

It’s that time of year when every research organization and tech magazine is sharing their top trends for 2020.  When it comes to IT Infrastructure and Operations Management trends, the centre of attention is on providing for larger, more various networks and guaranteeing security and compliance as more and more ‘things’ are joined to an enterprise network.
According to a Gartner’s Top 10 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations for 2020 Network Agility and Digital, mixture Management should be a key centre of attention areas for this year.

Network Agility

Moving ahead we will proceed to see our networks underpinning important business methods across a wider range of connected devices.  Network administrator and teams over the last few times have been focused on increasing availability but to ensure future success the centre of attention requires to go behind this and on to how all network services can be performed at higher speed.  RPA and creating more comprehensive network agility that provide automation and orchestration is a key to success in this region.
“Network team must help massively with different business units as new opportunities in 5G and edge computing start “As cloud-based infrastructure becomes more common and the scale of ‘things’ and endpoints rise, networks will require to develop to cope with the improved tension that it will perform on the network.

Digital Diversity Management

When the website relates to Digital variety administration, they are not speaking about people, but rather the developing alliance of new, complex and ageing assets and technologies that are now being utilized within modern companies.
”The value of recognizing, identifying and observing those that straight impact or promote the market cannot be understated”

Having proper inventory and securing clarity and administration of assets are important difficulties that will appear between 2020 and 2025.

What can I do to get ahead of the trend?

An organization provide in IT Audit and Network Automation and Management for great and different networks. With over 10,000 hardware business people preconfigured and a different device modeling feature that enables you to discover, monitor and manage any device.  For a free presentation on how an organization can support to get command of the networks of the tomorrow through Network Design Support Services ; contact us on or visit on our website

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