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Managed IT Solutions Provider: SDN & NFV: Driving Additional Value into Managed Services

From giving seamless scalability to giving top-of-the-line in security, SDN and NFV are driving value into managed services. Explore how those technologies link to create a simple, extra-flexible infrastructure at a significantly lower expense.


What’s The Actual Price of Managed Services?

  • Managed services transmit time-consuming responsibilities like network security, data backup and storage, and systems management to service providers.
  • Managed services leave time-consuming tasks like systems management, data backup and storage, and network security to service providers.
  • This allows businesses to scale down their IT teams and use them towards more strategic and progressive initiatives that can generate revenue.
  • Managed services give time-consuming responsibilities like network security, systems management, storage and data backup to service providers.
  • This enables companies to climb down their IT teams also apply them towards extra vital and growing enterprises that can create profits.
  • In addition to experience and expense savings, companies help from enhanced network availability, more robust security, improved readiness, and seamless scalability.



Demand Increases

Business to business analysis firm Clutch accompanied a poll of over 400 SMBs directors and discovered that 69% hire at least kind of managed IT services provider.
Security and compliance are also motivating circumstances, with 38% of businesses indicating them as top causes to work with MSPs, according to CompTIA.



Arrangements are lower now than in the past (3-5 years), performing it more difficult for MSPs to view a meaningful earnings.
Clients are exacting further at the very expensive or more limited.
Continually growing security threats and compliance problems are creating MSPs pressure Selling NFV and SDN.


Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Virtualizes network performs before achieved by costly restrictive hardware into software.
Helps automate and explain network administration, implementing a network-wide programmable interface for deployment and administration of network services.


Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Collectively they connect to create a more uncomplicated, extra-flexible infrastructure at significantly lower values.





NFV and SDN Benefits

  • Improved Network Availability
  • Enhanced Security
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Enables an Asset-Light Business Model
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increases Agility
  • Allows for Better Use of Operational Resources



NFV and SDN: Solving Specific Vertical Challenges

  • Production Enhances operational performance.
  • Pharmaceuticals Develops global R&D and accelerates goods launches.
  • E-Commerce Supports periodically changes.
  • Healthcare Improves IoT policy leadership.
  • Banking accelerates digitalization of policy.




NFV and SDN Drive Value into Managed Services

SDN and NFV are longer-term events to modify networks and will arrange accordingly for the next 10 to 15 years.
IT operators don’t or can’t manage networks on their own.
These solutions lead to actionable, flexible, and scalable hosted and cloud security services.
Others get it more comfortable to take, sign up for, initiate, and individual-provision IT services that can seamlessly scale as a company develops.
Virtualization spans to more comprehensive administration and management of on-premise devices, providing for added on-demand service businesses.



NFV and SDN Solutions

HEX64 connects NFV and SDN solutions following private cloud architecture, adopting a centralized SDN orchestration stage to drive power and administration of network devices, virtual machines, and VM application-level network configurations.
The alliance presents a manageable, cost-effective option to conventional premise-based solutions.



HEX64’s NFV and SDN Solutions Enables Cloud Based Services

Application Dispatch – Optimizer application execution over the IP-VPN network, allowing quicker access to business-critical apps.
Firewall – Provides strong local internet breakout from the most expected of 50 globally shared gateways.
IPsec VPN Gateway – Allows fast, secure connectivity to your business network from any place with an internet connection, including public cloud and other locations.
SSL VPNs – Ensures secure connectivity to business networks from any browser, even on mobile.



An HEX64 NFV and SDN Survey

HEX64 administered a poll on the advantages of using NFV & SDN. 500 information and communications technology specialists were surveyed. The outcomes were as regards.

  • Only 21% of respondents are common with certain solutions.
  • One-third are slightly forward.
  • 13% have previously implemented SDN and NFV strongly.
  • 45% are leading or have previously caused the research.

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