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Managed IT Solutions Provider: How Managed Services Differs From The Outsourcing

Managed Services Vs Outsourcing:
Managed IT services are often incorrectly defined as outsourcing IT purposes. On the contrary, businesses of each size, but most emerging and midmarket administrations, should use managed IT services as a support for their IT divisions. We think of the support we offer in one of two ways:

Managed IT Services Strengthen Present IT Teams:
Presumably your IT team has strong storage and skill counts, but they lack expertise in new networking skills. Instead of employing full time personnel, managed services allow you to acquire skilled professionals on an as-needed basis. In addition, your IT team required an additional layer of support in some situations. An SMB may work hard to operate it overnight or monitor leave for the IT section. When employees want to take a break, covering the environment can verify a test. One of the main men of any HEX64 managed services agreement is 24/7/365 remote monitoring. This allows an IT director to maintain his or her section without any risk of exposure. The ability to influence a managed services partner, particularly for renewed, emerging and midmarket products, can react to or disrupt emergency and unexpected situations.

Leverage Managed Services by Offloading Day-to-Day Responsibilities
IT segments of all dimensions often find themselves concerned with day-to-day responsibilities. Technical support updates, maintenance, patches and monitoring tasks can allow the control team a short time to think strategically. Managed IT services provide an opportunity to lift your nose from the grindstone. Relieved these sluggish maintenance responsibilities to a managed service provider and freed up some periods throughout the day to appear in the big picture.





Leverage Managed Services with HEX64
Managed services in HEX64 are largely similar to what we have already defined. We provide managed service contracts to support our IT department in any size that is required. With simple one-to-one care to meet your IT environment, HEX64 is designed to help your business reach its areas.

More exactly, we offer Managed Services in five key parts:
• Remote monitoring and management: The most basic, and in almost all ways, most important, aspect of managed IT services is remote monitoring and management. From our in-house network operations center (NOC), our IT team can monitor and support your IT infrastructure.

Collaboration and Contact Center: Communication is essential for the operation of any business. HEX64 can support your collaboration and / or communications center technology. We have our own IT experts who are certified in Cisco datacenter solutions.

Cloud Managed IT Services: Cloud is a huge question for every company. If you are not using it yet, how can you implement cloud deployment? If you are in cloud first, how do you prepare your application guarantee for its best performance? HEX64 can support all these questions and additional answers.

Managed backup and disaster recovery: On the occasion of a disaster, you need to create a strategy. HEX64 can support developing this strategy, organizing it, and testing it frequently. Managed backup and disaster recovery of HEX64 will ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected.

Security as a Service: To protect the cloud, you necessarily build a security solution for the cloud. The security of HEX64 as a service offering is planned to reduce the risk in your infrastructure without compromising your cloud placement worth.

Managed Services as a Grip-All Support Solution
Managed services provide a suitable way for corporations to solve their IT operational tasks. No matter what the difficulties are, HEX64 has a managed services agreement that can support it.

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