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Managed IT Services: Keep Your Business Alive With Remote Work During The Covid – 19 Pandemic

Covid -19 has created a wave of break down globally. In reaction to the spreading pandemic, several companies that can have remote employees are recommending their employees to work from home to avert contamination in the office.

Business continuity is a company’s capability to maintain necessary functions during and after a calamity has occurred. Business continuity planning installs disaster management methods and procedures that purpose to intercept obstacle to mission-delicate services and re-organize ample capacity to the company as rapidly and easily as reasonable.

The moiety of the survey respondents described problem reporting and colluding inside, while 40% said they required powerful remote access. 62% of companies grapple to meet the purchaser application knowledge that representatives assume with remote work. Companies are also summoned by supporting worker compliance and business security.

Delayed the exhibitions, network teams are keeping network infrastructure to guarantee it gives a solid company that allows worker fertility and business continuity. This means becoming a network that can control heads in VPN method, join latency demands for collaboration devices and defend against security threats.

Remote employees require reaching business resources and applications, which need VPN connectivity and decent authentication. Teams should evaluate their current VPN policies, indicating that the amount of possible licenses matches the amount of possible users. Some businesses might previously have sufficient policies in point, while others will require thinking.

Remote user necessity also is capable to interact with each another. Unified intelligence devices for voice, video conferencing and talk help workers follow designs and produce an appearance of business as usual. While these devices are profitable, the real-time traffic they procreate keeps renowned stress on the network. Teams need gauge bandwidth calculation, the attribute of service and traffic flinders to superior comprehend how the network can endorsement these applications and range jitter and latency.



Stress points:

Once teams have network traffic measures, they can start seeing how a remote workforce could accentuate the network. Here are important parts IT companies should advise for possible network pressure.

Traffic routing
Supporting a more substantial number of remote users will drastically reduce network traffic issues. Teams may require performing routing adjustments to optimize network administration. They may also require observing network traffic ways to ensure traffic traverses the appropriate network security policies. A subordinate-known problem is DNS analysis, which conducts a remote user to a different service alternatively of a local service.


Internet access
Remote users will be joining into the company via the internet, generating extra pressure on internet access links and network devices, like firewalls, routers, switches and VPN concentrators. Ideally, teams should configure internet-facing routers to implement active-active service, in which every router provides access and passage traffic. Don’t ignore to check the range of internet-facing firewalls. Network monitoring systems should be configured to keep a tight watch on these crucial systems for possible overload situations.


VPN concentrator capacity
The quantity of remote VPNs will significantly expand, establishing added pressure on the VPN concentrators at the corner of the corporate network. It may not be feasible to obtain and install physical VPN concentrators. Instead, contemplate working virtual appliances that can be instantly installed on available x86 hardware platforms. Cloud-based infrastructures are perfect for this type of business.


Inadequate network authentication infrastructure
Several more users will be accessing the network remotely, and the authentication infrastructure may not be capable to handle the extended load. One organisation is operating with works multifactor authentication given by physical devices that generate one-time pass codes (OTP). The corporation requires getting several more devices and licenses. A software token generator or text/phone call for the one-time pass code could be a smart option.


Virtual desktop infrastructure
Office user who essentially uses desktop machines may be greatly carried by virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This tool carries an encoded composition of the desktop’s graphics, so it may not function correctly for quickly switching displays, like high-motion video or computer-aided design and computer-aided production systems. Don’t neglect to incorporate the bandwidth demands of VDI in network bandwidth calculations.


Quality of service
Two factors determine the quality of service (QoS). First, remote users will typically connect via the public internet, which does not support QoS. Without prioritization, voice and video may experience packet loss or high latency that misleads voice and pixel rates video.
Second, variations in network utilization due to a remote workforce are likely to need updates to current QoS bandwidth allocations.


Remote workers’ local networks
The network status at a remote user’s location creates a huge difference in overall appearance. First, user Wi-Fi routers and switches are likely not up to corporate standards. It is normal to find Wi-Fi routers that are various years old, using old 802.11b connectivity at speeds down to 1 Mbps.
Poor wireless coverage or interference in a home network can be a major factor. Interference can come from nearby Wi-Fi routers, like in an apartment building or condominium, or it can come from other devices, like microwave ovens and child monitors, that work in the 2.4 GHz bands. Bandwidth competition can also get from other members, unusually if any of those members experience video streaming applications.
Finally, older Wi-Fi devices may tolerate from buffer bloat, a condition in which huge internal packet buffers confuse network congestion avoidance protocols, output in significant packet loss and delays.


Bandwidth limits at ISP interconnections
Something teams may not identify is the bandwidth of internet service provider (ISP) interconnections. Remote user may use a residential ISP that has restricted bandwidth connectivity to business ISPs. With the corona virus, we saw reports of difficulties with remote worker connectivity due to internet exchange bottleneck.


Network security
Companies that don’t do secure remote user technology will be at hazard of malware. It is fascinating to do whatever is required to make workers online, but HEX64 suggests holding network security strong because critical actors will attempt to take benefit of security breaches. Teams will need to continue to have intrusion exposure and intrusion protection systems in spot to protect against malware and cyber-attacks.





Our Managed IT Services can help enterprises during this Covid – 19 pandemic: 

HEX64 have experience with a kind of companies and companies. Our services can have your company relevant and on track with regularly evolving technology, support, and productivity requirements. Let’s face it; no small or medium-sized business (SMB) can manage to fall back with technology courses in today’s marketing world.

Most of the company buyers are facing issue in proactive management. They just concerned about support or path to on-demand expertise to be proactive with information technology management. HEX64’s Managed IT Services can support company owners and destroyed in-house IT team affordable server and computer support, remote monitoring of important network components like servers and firewalls, data backup and disaster recovery, network security, and technology.

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