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Managed IT Services: How MSPs Are Dealing With COVID-19 Situation

Currently, the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and our realities have all been turned upside down by the coronavirus. Life has been obstructed in ways unthinkable a few months, or even weeks, before, and is expected to continue this way for an unknown span of time.
At the same time, life must go on. And MSPs need to play a vital role in supporting that continues.


Communication is very important

At these circumstances, it’s essential to keep the lines of communication with your clients continue. Be empathetic—Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT consultancies are holding a strong position because as these are in demand, now more than ever. But we should keep in mind that some of our clients aren’t in the same position. They are concerned and some are looking at the breakdown or failure of their businesses after many years—through no mistake of their own. And they may also be balancing more fundamental necessities like taking care of the household and adapting to changing schedules.
Interact directly with your consumers and on your social media feeds that you’re open for business. Give them an assurance that you’re coping and your own plans are going on. Leverage the technology we’ve been supporting our clients to use and deliver extra resources at it if you can. We can utilize this interruption as a part of how cloud-based technology can assist to fix problems during challenging times.
In your own businesses, it surely should be all hands on deck. No one is above answering a call, even if it’s just to log a ticket.
Talking of tickets, they actually are the most obvious way for your team to understand who’s dealing with what. They also make it easy to see which sectors of your company are swamped and provide you a history of everything that’s been done. This history will be really beneficial later on. If you don’t own a ticketing system previously, get one.


Get a balanced approach

Obtain the tools that you require to maintain, protect, and improve all things IT—all within a single web-based dashboard.
However, it’s crucial to be conscious of customer balances, and the possible risk to your business if those are not stabled, be balanced with your perspective to managing invoices. Acknowledge disabling full automation of invoicing and reminders for right now. It’s simple to impracticably ruin your relationship with a client when stress levels are this high.
Under typical conditions, this could be practiced in good faith, but these are not common conditions. Clients will remember their perception of how their suppliers and associates behave throughout this time.




Remote monitoring is vital than ever

From a technical viewpoint, we need to pay particular attention to the on-premises infrastructure. It’s going to be hard to physically access these for reboots, and hardware malfunctions/crashes will take longer to fix with warranty providers. If you’re not previously using remote monitoring to pick up problems before they happen, you should perform this as soon as you can.


Security, must be on priority

To get consumers up and operating remotely, MSPs have to deal with some quick fixes. People are joining from multiple types of device but aren’t managing the corporate network in a proper way. Even a few people have shared a corporate network with family members and accessing the network without proper security. This is exposing the integrity of those networks and rising possible risks. We need to make sure those remote devices are properly secured. At the easiest level, just reminding users of basic cyber awareness should accede to instant benefits.
As most of the users know their Office 365 credentials now and they’re still utilizing different systems. As such, they’re more possible to fall into a fraud. There’s a right set of circumstances to accommodate consumers with an additional level of security. It’s vital than ever to implement things before-mentioned as link scanning within the email messages, antivirus implemented at a user level (not a machine level), and network scanning to seek for unauthorized and vulnerable devices.
But put in mind, this situation is building a legacy of possible security concerns—once the world returns into a normal situation, all these “off-the-cuff” fixes will require to be passed over. This is another cause to write down everything you do now, so you can observe the points you’ll require to remove later.

Regarding the future, remote work is not going away. Now that the enterprise is proving what is feasible, we expect a 20 – 30% jump in the user’s number working from home for at least some of their hours. All of the problems we’re noticing about safety, administration, and monitoring are not going away any time soon. Try to take the additional time saved on your commute to acknowledge packages and offers you can provide. Let’s get set to develop new business and new relations to make us all stronger when this crisis is over.

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