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Managed IT Service

Managed IT Services: Allow Remote Work IT Infrastructure For Seamless Business Continuity

During the COVID-19 (Corona) epidemic, business continuity was top of mind for the entire world. Furthermore, if organizations had a business continuity plan and large remote work capacity, very few organizations would have considered such a continuing need from traditional offices. Some organizations have their workforce remotely up and running over a short period of time, while others are still establishing infrastructure to support remote work.
Although lockdowns are comfortable living in different parts of the world, various companies are assessing their policies and IT infrastructure to allow remote work over the long term, not just temporarily. At HEX64, we are a manager in implementing technologies that can allow your workforce with a healthy remote work IT environment, and we have a variety of resources to tackle the difficulties that organizations are suffering today Huh.
Here’s a look at some of the key components of a remote work infrastructure and how HEX64 can help build an integrated ecosystem:


• Managing endpoints devices
The initial touchpoint is an endpoint device for your workforce when they start their time. Appropriate equipment / OS with your representatives become important while working from home. Centering and securing various devices becomes critical with the best solutions. HEX64 implements reliable, reliable, and verified tools and OSs for seamless integration into your IT environment.

• Cloud solutions (Hybrid)
The other element in IT infrastructure is the core from where these endpoint devices are pulling applications and data. If you are intimate with HEX64, then you recognize that we value selection and versatility. This can be through a cloud solution (public, private, or hybrid) or an on-premises datacenter. It can be tedious to manage datacenters without an onsite IT team, especially if businesses have not extended their IT infrastructure to the cloud.
We provide cloud integration, support, and collaboration with public cloud vendors such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. To support your particular use cases, the cloud is a collection of compatible technologies that can help explain the setup and implement a hassle-free employee experience for your workforce. These technologies differ from GPUs to manage different GPU partitions and multi-digital digital workplaces even further.

• Enhanced security to safeguard the environment
For example, with the increasing number of cyber cases – malware, phishing, and conference hacking, and as a wide workforce, security is top of consideration for several of you. A zero-trust presence demands that companies do not rely on anything outside or inside the perimeter of the network at any time. It continuously evaluates and allows every user and every device to enter any secure resource. We offer a wide range of security solutions to mark growing cybersecurity threats.




• Monitoring IT infrastructure
Another essential element is the ability to monitor your infrastructure for a diversity of devices, applications, users, locations, and IT plans. It becomes a difficult task for the IT team to ensure that the administration and management of all the devices of the datacenter are available to the users. It is necessary to continuously monitor the user experience as well as devices such as network devices, servers, and bandwidth consumption. We have verified technologies that help pinpoint and troubleshoot problems.

• Unified communication channel
One of the various current challenges of managing the infrastructure remotely is our disability to reach colleagues face to face. There are various collaboration tools available in the demand, but not all meet the proper protocols or live up to the standards organizations demand. We’ve managed with important conducting rigorous testing, trusted brand of technologies, and verification, to provide seamless integration in the environment.

And, to tie it collectively, let’s look at a unique solution that can help expand your IT performance.
Although remote work has always been at the core of the business and we have applied to work with adjustable programs and multiple devices, our current state of 100% remote work is new. We are on a mission to keep your employees safe and sound and to support companies to operate their businesses.

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