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What Are Your Options That’ll Brighten Your Business?

Our Managed IT infrastructure services are tailored to support matchless business requirements. We apply verified processes that actively supervise networks, fast addressing any issue before they influence your organization.

We provide a complete solution that enables you to supervise, follow, and support and maintain infrastructure, while also providing monthly hindrance maintenance. In the era of fast-changing technology, we know how important it is to keep your infrastructure up to date and data secure.

If your infrastructure is outsourced on the cloud or on-site then we have the processes, specialization, and commitment to make sure the consolidated management of your business operations.

What’s included?

Help desk:

This type of service provides a help desk staffed with high technical expertise, either 24/7 or an agreed upon range of times. This enables noteworthy advantages over in-house support, as overnight, weekend, and off days reporting is typically an option. In some cases, managed help desk IT support includes on-site support panel for troubleshooting purposes.


Off-site data storage/secure backup:

This offer improves upon your company’s in-house database and file storage capabilities, providing extra space when needed and a secure backup of available files and records. As the mass of digital data handled by companies grows, the requirement for off-site storage rises as well.
In other words, Offsite storage is a physically distant data storage resource that is generally used to provide data back-up and disaster recovery services. Offsite storage is mainly used to duplicate and back up data from a local storage device.

Managed server:

There are generally three options with the deployment of your servers. Either on-site, as a private cloud or a public cloud. Our Managed Server allows organizations to focus on their primary business while improving the effectiveness of their support systems to meet the various needs of their business. This includes monitoring and reporting on the server infrastructure, performing user, password and backup administration. This also includes updating the operating system with the required patches to maintain security and optimum performance while reducing potential service disruptions. You also have the option of using hybrid hosting of your servers; this is the liking for a lot of our customers, as they want to take pro of security and thrift at the same time.


A managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions required by an organization. With a flawless managed network service, Empower IT Solutions helps assure that your networks are running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. We provide the best tools and skills to keep your business network requirements up-to-date. Managed Network Services can handle enterprise networking issues that include integration, troubleshooting, technical support, and policy setting.


Managed IT infrastructure providers also lean to offer cloud services to clients. In other words, managed cloud as a service is a type of cloud service model where service providers offer a complete execution and management of the cloud services. HEX64 InfoSolutions is a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud services that offers the cloud services to companies seeking to reduce the cost and difficulty of IT infrastructure by moving to the cloud.

Manage IT Services Provider-HEX64

IT security:

Security is a top priority concern of businesses; we can conquer the security concern through the Managed IT security services. Managed IT security services is a systematic approach to supervision an organization’s security needs. Managed IT security services can provide organizations with the guarantee their data and documents are being suitably protected. Managed IT security services by HEX64 InfoSolutions include round the clock monitoring and management of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, patch management and upgrades, performing security evaluations and security audits, and responding to emergencies.


Virtualization refers to the formation of a virtual resource such as a server, OS, file, storage, desktop or network. A business requiring virtual machines may want to consider managed virtualization. This type of service includes the management, configuration, establishment and of virtual machines and required operating systems. The main objective of virtualization is to handle workloads by fundamentally transforming conventional computing to make it more scalable.


Minimizes costs:

The investment in specialized hardware and software will be high. A managed service offers the supreme quality enterprise and carrier-grade solutions to customers. A fixed monthly payoff plan means you know what you’re going to obtain and how much it’s going to charge over the contract. No precipitate upgrades charges or change in charges, guaranteed.

Maximizes performance:

Empower IT Solutions will advise you on the new trends and options in the technological world to ensure that your business is getting the best bang for your buck! In turn, the high level infrastructure that you have access to, is kept running smoothly and efficiently.

24*7 coverage of your IT infrastructure:

As a business, when your appliances begin to malfunction, the concern of losing all your data is fully daunting. Whether it be during your quiet periods or the engaged times, ensuring that your appliances are monitored and managed becomes absolutely necessary.

Reduced risk:

Your Managed IT Service Provider can monitor your company IT infrastructure 24/7, identifying feasible problems before they even occur. Any issues that do arise can be resolved quickly, minimizing the risk of protracted downtime. With IT managed in the cloud, your business can continue with minimal break-down in a worst-case framework.

Why choose HEX64 for managed infrastructure services?

  1. HEX64 incorporate the best features of a traditional help desk and modern IT infrastructure services in India. We provide immediate and professional IT support helpdesk services without the enhancement of overhead costs.
  2. HEX64 provide expert IT support helpdesk services at affordable rates. We have competitive plans and billing per user on an hourly basis.
  3. We offer on demand remote help desk support and data backup services by sending in-house engineers for solving mission critical issues.
  4. HEX64 offers managed IT services like the maintenance of remote infrastructure, disaster recovery, providing antivirus security and server monitoring.
  5. 24×7 desktop and onsite support:  All platform services are monitored 24×7 by our in-house support team.

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