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Remote Infrastructure Management

Leveraging Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management for Modern IT Assets

Most of the bigger organizations work across geographies with multiple working areas shared efficiently over different places. The IT infrastructure that forms the groundwork of these actions is likewise separated over places to support different areas of an organization. Hosting systems need a much level of maintenance is one important segment of the business, which may involve maintaining crucial hardware, ensuring timely updates to systems and intact network and desktop support. Every business needs versatility and cost-savvy IT management.

Here the concept of remote infrastructure monitoring and management services (RIMM) ventures in.

RIMM supports managing the IT infrastructure centrally with more comprehensive coordination and efficiency of sustenance. Most importantly the transparency provides the executive’s peace of mind as IT assets can now be handled remotely.

With RIMM glitches and server problems can be managed efficiently also additionally, enhance the ability of networks and IT administrators with real-time information and alerts can be managed.

The offerings of RIMM are:

  • Sever and storage management
  • Database and administration support
  • Desktop support services
  • OS maintenance

RIMM—a single pane of glass for real-time monitoring anyplace anytime gives the subsequent advantages to businesses:

  • Centralized Administration
  • Reducing Risk
  • Automation: Overcoming time, efforts and charges
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Seamless management and provisioning
  • Improved availability and highest productivity
  • Heightened compliance and overall performance


Remote Infrastructure management


Security as the most important aspect:

The primary action for any organization in today’s swiftly changing environment is the process of shielding important resources and business perspicacity. RIMM approaches the concern by giving expertise assistance. RIMM security services completely manage security infrastructure following tenacious monitoring of skilled security experts who can ensure confidentiality, uprightness and 24/7 availability of information devices, data, and management. The important highlights of RIMM security services incorporate round-the-clock security monitoring, centralized security infrastructure management, appropriate evaluation of security intimidations and hardened security.

RIMM security features offer different business benefits as:

  • Maintaining the security highlights up to date which reduces the business risks.
  • By shielding from the threat.
  • Deployment of the industry’s benchmark evaluation devices for investigating security threats.
  • Improved administration through innovative actions.
  • Warning for any unusual activity on IT assets as in case of threats.


Service offering being IT infrastructure provider: 

HEX64 offers complete infrastructure monitoring by deploying tools incorporating all infrastructure monitoring. Manageable alerting is given to clients, giving status alerts, frontier warnings, threshold alerts and more innumerable. The informational and accessible dashboard gives the bird’s eye view of the whole infrastructure. The infrastructure uptime address can be produced for any custom time. HEX64 can assist keep a record of the client’s infrastructure providing complete perceptibility of the environment. 24×7 availability of help desk and the availability of NOC team assuring monitoring & management services. Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (RIMM) service from HEX64 would allow the organization to find difficulties and settle them before they critically affect business. The combined benefit is the peace of mind and full clearness for the businesses. We offer an all in one single-point resolution for organizations endeavoring agility, performance, and modification of their IT assets.

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