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Joining vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 6.5 To Windows Active Directory (AD)

vCenter server appliance (VCSA) is a management software by which you can manage ESXi host and VMs.


How To Join VCSA to Windows Active Directory:

1. Launch and log in to VCSA using vSphere Web Client.

2. Open home>go to Administration > Deployment > System Configuration.

Join VCSA to Windows Active Directory

3. Click on Nodes and select the required node.

4. Navigate to Manage > Settings > Advanced > Active Directory and click Join.

Navigate to Manage
5. Put the required details.

Put Active Directory Domain Name.

Organizational Unit
Put the OU name for the VCSA (optional).

User Name
Put the user with Domain joining rights/administrator.

Put the password of above user.

Put the required details

6. Click OK, and restart the appliance.

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