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IT Security Services: Significance Of Security Testing In Preventing Cyber-Attacks

Nation or group of people, a conflict usually involves the use of weapons, military, and soldiers. Since major primitive times, individual states and communities have consumed war to gain control of the region. It has also been used to establish command over natural resources, for political reasons, religious and cultural. There are a few different examples of conflicts that succeed:

  • Biological war
  • Cyber war
  • Chemical war
  • Civil war
  • Nuclear war
  • Asymmetric war

The finest change in the Internet is the rise of a new form of fighting called the cyber conflict in the army’s clique/conflict, a mixture of computer network attacks and paranormal operations, which is regularly an official “act of war” is being created. Cyber ​​attacks are increasing rapidly and regularity on Earth is increasing. This new form of war does not involve both aggressive and protective actions related to cyber attacks, espionage, and interruption threats. States are emerging in their capacities and engaging engagingly in cyber warfare.
In a cyber-war, a nation-state can cause serious harm or interruption to another country’s computers and attempts to enter the network. Some administrations have made it an essential part of their overall military policy to increase qualification. The main targets are defenceless, administration, financial organizations, mobile operators, mining, engineering sectors, etc.

Cyber ​​attacks are common over the years and such examples are increasing over time across nations and administrations. The global, social and political sciences have changed with the innovative development of information and communication technologies. It has meaningfully impacted combat, among other ways, through increasing network-centric conflict. There have been several attempts on India so far that confidential information can be obtained from army installations by hacker groups from other countries; There have also been cyber attacks on some separate Internet connections of defense staff;
With the latest survey, we can organize around 60% of the financial sectors around the entire cyber-attack zone, 10 to 15% later in the areas of communication, infrastructure, and entertainment. Cyber-attacks in Industries occur in about 2 to 3%, government 8 to 10%, industrial markets, other areas close to 5%.


Most regularly affected cyber-attacks

However, there is no cessation of how one can launch a cyber-attack, and other methods are being found, the largest mass types of cyber-attacks are:

  • Malware: It is a variety of cyber threats including Trojans, viruses, malware and worms, which can be introduced into the system through software OS vulnerabilities, downloads, email attachments, etc.
  • Phishing: Attacks are conducted via email that may contain a link that will take the user to a replication site designed to steal the user’s data and private data.
  • SQL Injection: It works by misusing known SQL vulnerabilities that allow SQL Server to run malicious code to access user data.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): One of the topmost common ways an attacker can set up a cross-site scripting attack, inject malicious code into a comment or a script that automatically routes and significantly damages the website, endangering users’ data can.
  • Session Hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle Attack: An attacker can capture the session by capturing the session ID, allowing them to log in as an insecure user and access the information on the web server.
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS): Interrupting service in a network, attackers send extraordinary volumes of data or traffic through the network until it is loaded and stops working.



Significance of web application security testing to prevent and control cyber-attacks

To improve secure applications, web application security must be specifically verified when application contracts with critical information. Web application security testing is a method that validates an information system and protects data and maintains its intended functionality. This includes a critical examination of the application for any flaws, technical errors, or weaknesses. The main objective is to identify weaknesses and later repair them.

Commonly used open source network and web security assessment tools are WindShark, Namp, MetSploit, OpenVAS, Aircrack and Nikto, Samurai Framework, Safe3 Scanner, Websecurify and SQLMap.


Few common security testing techniques

The following is a list of some serious security testing methods that should be implemented in organizations to protect critical data and information:

  • Penetration TestingIt simulates an attack by a malicious hacker, which involves investigating a system to investigate potential vulnerabilities for an outside hacking attempt.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: It is accomplished with automated software to scan a system to detect a fault.
  • Ethical Hacking: It is hacking an organization’s system with the intention of explaining security flaws in the system.
  • Risk Assessment: This includes analysis of recognized security threats in an organization as confidential, as low, medium, and high. This assessment controls how to reduce risk.
  • Security Auditing: An internal evaluation of applications and OS for security errors. The audit code can also be completed by evaluation.

It is now almost indispensable to support security processes, a new role has been given to ‘cyber warriors’ who are essentially a group of security engineers who know of, anticipate and prevent cyber threats such as malware, viruses, phishing For high-tech capability. , Bugs, etc. are some of the key roles that these cyber fighters serve – such as vulnerability analyst, malware engineer, who search and fix vulnerabilities. They are also helpful in penetration, leading to damage to information systems primarily for strategic, military scheduling.
Cyber ​​conflict will remain to increase attacks against management, corporations, special interest groups, and even residents over the next 10 years, where it can occur in older military attacks such as ground, air, naval conflicts and the next 20 years. To avoid cyber fighting, mainly we will secure the network, infrastructure security; invent technology to protect the network, review cyber security rules.


In Conclusion

In the days of scarcity of the largest organizations have a team that can focus on fully acting security and other dangerous forms of exams such as digital, automation, cloud, performance, software, big data, and more? Because of this, a lot of applications are launched in the market without careful testing. This has led to a serious need for pure-play independent software challengers who can offer a focused methodology for such anticipatory testing.


The security testing services offered by HEX64 InfoSolutions include an in-depth security analysis maintained by Reports and Console, in addition to helpful measures for any concerns that may be of any concern. HEX64 InfoSolutions has superb knowledge in security testing for web applications and web services both on the cloud as well as on-premises.

HEX64 InfoSolutions has brought a knowledge depository, skill, and test accelerator, thereby gaining experience capturing over a hundred activities, using the latest industry standards and exclusive testing methods. Our team leverages passive security testing techniques and active security testing methods using a mix of specialized, profitable, and open source testing tools.

To make additional identification about the security-specific solutions our services offer, visit our security testing services and get in touch with our experts.

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