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Modernizing With Managed Infrastructure, 3 Services To Transform IT Environments

Static server room infrastructure will soon be an IT residue. Digitization has accelerated innovation in business infrastructure, heading to the division of devices and applications beyond the IT ecosystem. While advanced IT infrastructure powers business growth, it also creates layers of datacenter and cloud environments that many organizations strive to manage.
To navigate rapid infrastructure change, CIOs and IT administrators are increasingly welcoming outsourced management. Actually, the global managed infrastructure market is anticipated to increase to $143.23 billion by 2026 – a CAGR of 9.95%.
Infrastructure management services work with internal IT teams to analyze, design and transform systems, allowing IT teams to simplify and consolidate management while managing security in hybrid systems. Investing in outsourced management helps with your internal team’s responsibility for infrastructure maintenance and threat prevention – enabling you to focus on the potential for change.
As IT environments involve different levels of modernization, infrastructure management includes a range of services – including datacenter, DR, and security solutions. Different management tiers provide pricing flexibility and allow you to set infrastructure priorities. As a result, you can create a plan that indicates your long and short-term items.
Infrastructure management services support your team as you elevate systems and keep your business flexible and competing. But to get the full benefit of managed infrastructure, it is essential to choose a certified provider that can accommodate the right level of service.

Modernize and Optimize Data Center Operations:
Datacenter migration is accelerating over industries across enterprises into on-premises, colocation, and cloud infrastructure. The pace of digitization often leaves IT teams led by technology, improving TCO, and making infrastructure maintenance a challenge. But without change, you risk a disabling current situation that exists in your business.
IT Infrastructure Management clarifies day-to-day data center management and reduces your operational TCO. With a smaller capacity to repair infrastructure, your company can spend more additional time innovating and migrating priority systems. A managed infrastructure service provider allows:
• Upgraded database administration
• Standardized management
• Hardware removal
• Optimized network services
• Flexible management and payment options

Managed infrastructure services also cover four service opportunities network equipment, servers, storage and infrastructure to provide your most critical operational needs. Outsourced datacenter specialists provide your team in advance of change. So you can future-proof your IT infrastructure while increasing TCO and efficiency.



Protect Assets with Disaster Recovery:
Unforeseen issues like cyber attacks, natural disasters and hardware failures hamper the stability and operation of the infrastructure. The hybrid IT ecosystem creates complexity that adds to emerging threats, making it difficult for IT teams to ensure that every asset is backed up. This means that ongoing DR schemes cannot protect key enterprise functions.

HEX64 professionals and infrastructure engineers implement scalable solutions to minimize network disruption throughout emergencies. Specialist infrastructure management services such as HEX64 provide ongoing care to monitor and evaluate ongoing threats:

• Documentation and Support: IAAS providers demonstrate detailed maintenance and recovery methods, so your business-critical applications are monitored in the same way.
• Highly automated fail-over: DR specialists create fail-over in a secondary location to minimize downtime and ensure backups for your network.
• Opening and Ongoing Recovery Testing: Prevent critical systems from slipping through the cracks with a management service that provides continuous recovery assessments.

With an outsourced partner dedicated to your DR, you protect your infrastructure without having to focus on your change policies.

Guard Infrastructure against Growing Cyber Threats:
Security threats have increased as more enterprises adopt modernization. But many companies are not taking action to prevent costly attacks. About 80% of superior IT and IT security managers lack confidence in enterprise security against cyber threats. Why? Distributed IT environments complicate the monitoring of cyber attacks on-premises and beyond cloud infrastructure.
IT infrastructure security services provide you with the tools and expertise you need for consistent, cross-platform threat prevention. With mature security policies, governance, methods and tools, providers like HEX64 monitor and manage security on your cloud, hybrid infrastructure.
Security services should be built to meet your exact needs across your entire IT footprint. Whether you need security advisory and consulting services, attack prevention, outsourced management provides flexible tools to protect your IT infrastructure. With IT infrastructure management, your partners gain confidence in threat prevention and can focus on change.

HEX64: Your Managed Infrastructure Provider:
Your IT infrastructure supports your entire business. It is important to make sure that you have the necessary support to protect and optimize it. The HEX64 IT infrastructure management environment simplifies governance, enables change, and minimizes disruption so that your IT infrastructure supports regular business operations and power innovation.
Our field of infrastructure management services is backed by extensive industry relationships and a 5-year history of managing highly managed workloads. Whether your team needs data center management, DR, security monitoring and other services, HEX64’s award-winning services provide hybrid infrastructure solutions and efficient security administration.
We provide you with the tools and expertise needed to not only keep up with rapid modernization, but to take advantage of new technologies and complex transformation initiatives.

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