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IT Infrastructure Consulting Services: How Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Works To Mitigate Risk

Data is the raw material that our economies, societies, and democracies are increasingly being created on.”
This is exactly why the rise in risk to data – from malicious cyberattacks to variable weather systems – is so scary and why organizations and individuals are turning to preemptive preparation to lessen risk.

How Do You Mitigate Risk To Data?

Data today takes many sorts. From privileged account information, like passwords and credentials, to intellectual property, like trade confidences and organizational charts, companies need data to function.
And while all data is not built equal, all data is at risk. First, there is the risk the data will be compromised intentionally. It’s no puzzle that ransomware and criminal hackers seek to monetize your data to your loss.
Second, data is at risk simply by existing. A negligent, yet benign employee could accidentally drop customer information in an email. A backup might fail to restore. Or a hurricane might wreak destruction on a datacenter.
Today, IT managers must acknowledge the risk to data and understand the result of that risk is actualized.
– What happens when your sales team no longer has an entrance to their customer’s data?
– How long can operators go without access to critical information and systems?
– How do your teams present services without core applications?


That’s the Point of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning means using a proactive position around data risk. Certainly, you can set barriers in place to decrease risk. For example, you can add enhanced security measures, like firewalls and DNS filtering. Even then, though, you can nevermore be 100% guarded against risk.
That’s why it is necessary to recognize, prioritize, and provide for the most prominent risks you are likely to face. By deciding what stories would most significantly impact your company and the possibility of those events, you can substantially decrease your risk.


What Is Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)?

While there are several important elements of disaster recovery programming, it is crucial to break it up into two distinct sections: theory and application – or preparation and achievement.
Preparation involves identifying risks and influential RPOs and RTOs. It’s the intellectual understanding of how your business operates and what it requires to proceed should a disaster strike.
Implementation is the actual activation of the disaster recovery program. It’s the practical elements of documentation, creating a run book, and performing testing of the program.
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the utilization of a third-party servicer to backup vital data and applications to the cloud and gives system failover to a secondary infrastructure. DRaaS typically also covers production replication to allow a seamless transition between primary and secondary infrastructure, as well as the fallback to primary servers once the environment is active.

Why Use DRaaS

Using disaster recovery as a service ends up saving most companies time, money, and resources when it gets to disaster recovery. DR is difficult and needs continuous information about resources.
It is never a one-and-done project.
That’s part of the purpose we use the word program. Reliable disaster recovery is a feedback loop, where testing and new information are information into the program to enhance recovery options. Without a peculiar trial and feedback, your disaster recovery plan is useless.


DRaaS with HEX64

Our disaster recovery experts have been in the industry for 20 years, and they are accustomed to the complex crossover between disaster recovery, infrastructure, and cyber security. HEX64’s will operate with you to manage your RTOs and RPOs, ensure you have a complete backup and disaster recovery plan in position, and then make the implementation – practical service – a part of disaster recovery programming so you can believe confident that when disaster strikes, you’ll be equipped to defend for any cyber attack.
Communicate with our experts through a whiteboard session. Sign up today for this compliment IT Infrastructure consulting service and get started on your journey.

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